Attorneys, Judges And Lawyers

Attorneys, Judges And Lawyers

Most attorneysjudges and  lawyers  practice in commercial courts operating under Admiralty-Maritime law within the terms of the U.S. bankruptcy agreement of 1933. For the most part, only appellate court judges have any knowledge of the Common Law. Most certainly the judges of the states’ and federal supreme courts know about the Common Law – which is why they are called “justices”; NOT “judges”. These justices of the superior courts understand that the Common Law is superior to and supersedes statutory law – even the U.S. Supreme Court had so stated.

Indeed, while the Common Law is compulsory upon all men, all statutory law (legislated acts or civil law) is simply an OFFER TO CONTRACT requiring each man’s individual consent in order to gain the “force of law” upon that man. If that individual man refuses to consent to a statute (that is, he refuses to contract), then that statute has NO “force of law” over him – so the police and courts have NO jurisdiction over him for failing to obey it.

Source: Knowledge Of The Common Law.


A person, typically a lawyer, appointed to act for anothe… Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford …


Legal professional who helps clients and represents them in a court of law..


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