How To Fire Your Attorney

How To Fire Your Attorney


You won’t lose because you have a bad case or because you won’t do an adequate job of presenting your case.  You will lose because the system is corrupt.

Fire Your Attorney  Few, if any, attorneys will risk his/her career pursuing action against judges who will get their revenge.

Simply insist that your attorney file a motion to withdraw, and file a consent to the withdrawal. The Judge may refuse to accept the motion.

Then you will need to file a notice with the court clerk providing your name, address, telephone, fax, and email, so the court has a record of who to contact for matters regarding the case.  A letter should be sufficient, but I called the Clerk of the Court to ask.

Obtain a fax through so legal faxes would come to my email to be seen only by me.  You may want to obtain a Post Office Box so all the legal mail doesn’t come to your home.  Use a telephone number that goes only to you. To insulate your family from the day-to-day grind of litigation.

Now that I have been through this process, I feel that I have done an infinitely better job than any attorney ever would have, and I haven’t had to pay legal fees.

If I ever again hire an attorney to represent me in court, I will never hire anyone but an attorney with one of the biggest law firms in town.  I believe the biggest law firms in town will have “special relationships” with the judges that may enable them to win.  Due to the dishonesty and corruption in the judicial system, I believe flushing money down a toilet would be more productive than hiring an attorney from a small law firm.  The courts and the “just us” system is for the favored rich people.

Establish a Support Network  Victims have come forward from everywhere, and support is available to you in various forms.

Source: Xpose Corrupt Courts


Social Services and Care Proceedings.

Is Your Attorney / Lawyer Working For You?

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Attorney General England And Wales

Rod Class: a former policewoman/attorney reveals what it is like inside. . . thanks to ~J


I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.

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