Social Services | The Worst Organisation Created By Man-Kind!

Social Services | The Worst Organisation Created By Man-Kind!


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There are number of social workers in the profession are declining. With vacancies unable to be fil…

Source: The Irish Association of Social Workers: Tackling the Declining Numbers of Social Workers.

Transcript of Professor Hawking’s speech at the launch of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, October 19, 2016


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to eradicate poverty and disease or hasten the end of human civilisation as we know it – according to a speech delivered by Professor Stephen Hawking this evening.

Alongside the benefits, AI will also bring dangers, like powerful autonomous weapons, or new ways for the few to oppress the many.

Stephen Hawking

The clean, technical, mathematical precision of computer science and the messy, complex, unwieldy world of social work and behavioral sciences don’t appear conducive to crossover.

Our motivation was to create a new intellectual space for computer scientists with all these tools we didn’t have access to and people in social work science who have this deep understanding of human problems to develop new solutions to vexing, seemingly intractable issues. One of the challenges in social work is we have a lot of interventions, but bringing things to scale is difficult, Eric Rice said.

Eric Rice is the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS).

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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.

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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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