VL Will Be Interviewing Former CA Supreme Court Judge Salcido This Month


VL Will Be Interviewing Former CA Supreme Court Judge Salcido This Month

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One over-the-top example of the judge’s “humor” occurred when she gleefully told a defendant that if he violated his probation, “you will definitely be screwed, and we don’t offer Vaseline for that.” ~blogs.findlaw.com


Yes, this is extremely interesting indeed. How many more family court judges would blow the whistle in the event they are given a safe opportunity to do so?

VL will be interviewing former CA Supreme court Judge Salcido this month!

Judge Salcido is speaking about how corrupt Family Court System is!
She is a great asset to our fight against these legal child traffickers.

What Could Have Been – Former Judge DeAnn Salcido

Secret investigations, alleged rigged elections, disrespect for one’s superior and completely inappropriate courtroom behavior are just a few of the dynamics involved with the curious San Diego legal personality DeAnn Salcido. The controversy has been ongoing for at least two years, though the Commission on Judicial Performance did not announce it was investigating then-judge Salcido until after she was elected in June, 2010. Among other things, she is accused of having made untrue allegations against other judges during that re-election campaign in an effort to sway voters to her side. She even went so far as to say during one press conference that her boss, Judge Peter Deddeh was wrong to not have sentenced John Gardner to the fullest extent that the law provided. Had he been sentenced to the maximum number of years in a case in the 1990s versus allowing a plea bargain to be entered, he would not have been on the streets and would not have murdered two California girls, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. Continue reading →

Source: Justices Of The Superior Courts Understand That The Common Law Is Superior.

A San Diego Superior Court judge criticized for her theatrical and sometimes demeaning behavior on the bench — all of which was apparently in the hope of landing a television program — was censured by a state commission and will resign, according to a ruling released Wednesday.

Judge DeAnn Salcido will tender her resignation within five days, according to the agreement with the Commission on Judicial Performance. She also agreed not to seek another judgeship. Continue reading →


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