European Union Membership 2017

United Kingdom European Union Membership 2017

United Kingdom

Membership of the EU and its predecessors had long been a topic of debate in the United Kingdom. The country joined the European Economic Community (EEC, or “Common Market”) in 1973. A referendum on continued EEC membership was held in 1975, and it was approved by 67% of voters. In accordance with a Conservative Party manifesto commitment, the legal basis for a referendum was established by the UK Parliament through the European Union Referendum Act 2015.

In the 1980s populist movements and parties have enjoyed degrees of success in First World democracies such as the USA, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

Since the end of the 18th century, hundreds of national referendums have been organised in the world.

Source: United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum, 

Join us in securing Britains post Brexit future, for young Black. Asian and ethnic minority Britons.


Some people are believe the referendums and direct democracy, are a good way of getting the people’s will across.

This analysis is sourced from BLOOMBERG INTELLIGENCE SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

That means the economic and fiscal impact is likely to be manageable. he long-standing commitments many firms have in the City and the time required for the U.K. to make post-EU arrangements mean that it could take many years for the full effect of Brexit to be felt.

Key points

  • Language, a big pool of talent, trust in institutions and a con­venient time zone make London an attractive location for inter­national banks.
  • Access to the single market is also valued by finance profes­sionals, and leaving the EU has the potential to make business harder in up to 30 countries for companies based in the U.K.
  • London’s dominance in wholesale finance means international banks are highly likely to retain a front-office presence in the City even if they have to set up subsidiaries elsewhere to maintain market access.
  • Financial services output is greater than the construction industry and the sector accounts for a significant proportion of tax receipts.
  • The economic and fiscal impact of Brexit through the City will depend on how much of the financial services workforce is relocated and the extent to which regional headquarters are shifted elsewhere.

Why London?

London has a long tradition in financial services, emerging as the major center for merchant banks as trade took off in the 19th century. It has remained a world leader, thanks to the network of companion services that has been built around the City, the respect commanded by British law, the widespread use of the English language and a favorable time zone.

It also helps that the regulatory environment is transparent and that the government is generally flexible on skilled migration. With so many reasons for banks to choose London as their home, it’s hard to isolate the attraction associated with access to the single market of the EU. Survey evidence provides some insights.


In the event, you are going to vote in a corrupt system, what do you think will change?




Do your own research

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