The Issue Of Charlie Gard And Parental Rights


The Issue Of Charlie Gard And Parental Rights

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The hospital and the doctors simply don’t have a leg to stand on. That they may be motivated by compassion for Charlie doesn’t make them right, or justify our losing sight of the grave stakes at play. Don’t get distracted by irrelevancies. When it comes to who’s right or who’s wrong in the Charlie Gard case, it’s extremely simple.

Source: In The High Court Of Justice Family Division: In The Matter Of Charlie Gard.

By ignoring the question of parental rights, Ivereigh (and I would argue that the same goes for Simcha Fisher‘s otherwise informative, but ultimately unhelpful, piece at CatholicWeekly) ignores the elephant in the living room. Ivereigh thinks it could be moral (even good) to withdraw Charlie’s life support. Fine. Maybe (maybe) if the parents had chosen to do that, it would be ok. But they didn’t. The hospital did. And then they told the parents to buzz off. That’s wrong. Plain and simple.

Parental rights are the lynch-pin in this case, and to bracket them out of the discussion is to fight with both hands tied behind our backs.

Abstract from an article by John Jalsevac, Fri Jul 7, 2017 on

I shall leave it as that!


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