Judge Serving 28 years For Kids For Cash Scheme

Judge Serving 28 years For Kids For Cash Scheme


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The former judge was sentenced on Thursday  11 August 2011 to 28 years in jail.


A judge hearing a criminal case

Before a criminal trial starts the judge will familiarise himself or herself with the details of the case by reading the relevant case papers. These include the indictment which sets out the charges on which the defendant is to be tried, witness statements, exhibits and documentation on applications to be made by any party concerning the admissibility of evidence in the trial.

Source: The Role Of A Judge In Criminal Justice System.

For example, Ciavarella adjudicated a substantial number of children to extended stays in youth centers for a variety of offenses as trivial as mocking a principal on Myspace, trespassing in a vacant building, and shoplifting DVDs from Wal-MartCiavarella and Conahan pleaded guilty on February 13, 2009, pursuant to a plea agreement, to federal charges of honest services fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States (failing to report income to the Internal Revenue Service, known as tax evasion) in connection with receiving $2.6 million in payments from managers at PA Child Care in Pittston Township and its sister company Western PA Child Care in Butler CountyThe plea agreement was later voided by a federal judge, who was dissatisfied with the post-plea conduct of the defendants, and the two judges charged subsequently withdrew their guilty pleas, raising the possibility of criminal trials.

Disgraced judge Ciavarella transferred to Kentucky federal prison 


Ciavarella is now lodged at Federal Correctional Institution Ashland, a low-security prison in eastern Kentucky, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons web site.

Before being transferred to FCI Ashland, he had been held at a federal prison in Atlanta. Prior to that, he was incarcerated at prisons in Illinois, Oklahoma and South Carolina, according to court records and published news reports.

Ciavarella and another judge, Michael T. Conahan, conspired to close a county-owned detention center and direct juveniles to a newly built for-profit center in Pittston Township. The builder and co-owner of the center paid the two judges $2.8 million, according to a grand jury indictment.

Conahan, 63, is serving a 17½ year prison sentence for racketeering at Federal Correctional Institution Coleman, a low-security prison in Sumterville, Florida (ERIC MARK)

FCI Ashland houses 1,301 male inmates, including 265 at a minimum security satellite camp adjacent to the prison, according to the Bureau of Prisons.

Ciavarella’s scheduled release date is Dec. 30, 2035.

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Imagine for a moment that you are outside playing with your children and one of them disturbs one of your neighbours. A shouting match ensued even though you have tried several times to apologize and had your child apologize. Now a couple of days later a CPS worker shows up with a report of “suspected” abuse by an anonymous tip.

DISMANTLING process to begin.

Parents who record child protection meetings: what social workers need to know.

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