Councillor (Cllr) Danielle Veronica Stone: Northampton


Councillor (Cllr) Danielle Veronica Stone: Northampton

This British national’s work history




Source: Social Services Northamptonshire County Council | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog.


Cllr Danielle Veronica Stone, Educational Consultant from Kingston Upon Hull

Former Director at:
Global Learning Association
Occupation: Educational Consultant
Appointment Date: 2011/08/10
Resignation Date: 2012/01/15
Address: Faculty Of Education University Of Hull
United Kingdom
Date of Incorporation: 2010/12/14
Name: Cllr Danielle Veronica Stone
Date of Birth: January 1950
Age: 67
Nationality: British
Country of residence: England
Address: Kingston Upon Hull
Update: 2017-09-08
Work History
Global Learning Association Company details
Unity Leisure Company details
Gdp (Global) Limited Company details
The Northampton Theatres Trust Limited Company details
Horizons Trading Limited Company details
Association Of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools Limited Company details
Horizons Nfp Limited Company details
Jamdan Education Limited
Name Occupation From To
The Northampton Theatres Trust Limited
Brandon Eldred Civil Servant 2016/09/19
Roger George Snowden Martin Company Director 2014/03/27
Stephen Robert Edmonds Consultant 2011/01/18
Martin Alexander Sutherland 2007/11/16
Frances Eleanor Holloway Accountant 2017/05/08
Bernadette Angela Lally Civil Servant 2017/05/08
Hannah Fay Miller Head Of Casting 2015/06/22
David Joseph Murphy Charity Director 2015/09/28
Kay Elizabeth Roberts 2017/05/08
Guy James Schanschieff Company Director 2009/11/17
Clare Siobhan Slater Literary Manager And Dramaturg 2017/05/08
Councillor Heather Anne Smith County Councillor 2014/01/27
Charles Browne Martin Wood Producer 2015/06/22
Mohammed Jalil Akhter Asif Barrister 2010/11/16 2016/11/29
Neil Douglas Fowler Consultant University Researcher 2009/11/17 2016/11/29
Cllr Michael Clifton Hallam Sales Executive 2015/11/26 2016/05/23
Christopher Heaton-harris Member Of Parliament 2013/05/28 2016/07/27
Jane Catherine Bloomer Solicitor 2015/06/22
Victoria Jane Miles Chief Executive 2009/05/20
Horizons Trading Limited
Councillor Matthew John Golby Councillor Ncc, Nbc And Business Manager 2015/05/21
Cllr Michael Clifton Hallam 2015/05/21
Helen Aird 2006/06/07 2016/06/15
Russell Roberts 2013/06/20 2015/05/21
Association Of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools Limited
Ilze Brilta Warehouse Operative 2013/09/17
Manjinder Kaur Atwal 2013/09/17
Alaa Abouzanad 2010/09/07
Manjinder Kaur Atwal Teaching Assistant 2014/10/01
Wlodzimierz Tarasiewicz Company Director 2013/09/17
Ellen Catherine Wallace Executive Principal 2014/10/01
Horizons Nfp Limited
Councillor Matthew John Golby Councillor Ncc Inbc And Business Manager 2014/08/13
Andrew Keith Cheal Partnership Director 2007/01/31 2013/06/20
Councillor Catherine Boardman 2013/06/20 2014/05/21
Helen Aird Senior Manager 2006/06/07 2016/06/15
Russell Roberts 2013/06/20 2015/03/10
Cllr Scott Edwards 2011/06/30 2013/06/20
Cllr Michael Clifton Hallam 2011/06/30
Councillor Andrew George Grant Associate Of Amazon 2009/09/17 2013/06/20
Global Learning Association
Beverley Anne Milner 2010/12/14 2013/06/27
Helen Trilling Education Consultant 2011/09/05 2014/08/20
Amanda Grange International Education Consultant 2011/12/14
Graham Derrick Butler Education Adviser 2011/03/03
Ann Georgina Brown International Education Consultant 2011/07/12
Linda Barker Educational Consultant 2012/01/15
Hazel Chadfield Education Adviser 2011/03/12
Patricia Anne Suttmann Teacher 2011/02/18
Christopher Souvlis International Support Manager 2011/03/12
Paul Nicholas Harrison Chief Executive 2011/08/10
Maxine Judge Programme Manager 2011/08/10
Raymond Kirtley University Administrator 2010/12/14
Penelope Barbara Krucker Education Consultant 2011/03/12
Jill Felicity Ritchie Global Dimension Consultant 2011/07/12
Anne Roots Schools Network Manager 2011/12/14
David Norman Smith Senior Teacher 2011/08/10
Christopher Russell Williams Independent Consultant 2011/03/03
Mary Wormington International Information Manager 2011/07/12
Unity Leisure
Andrew Kenneth Ellis Banker 2011/04/01
Christopher James Holmes Director 2011/03/08
Douglas Simon Iles Solicitor 2011/04/20
Professor William Pope Director 2011/04/20
Martin Thomas Sawyer Land Surveyor 2011/03/08
Victoria Jane Challiner Pr Consultant 2011/03/08 2014/12/19
John Francis Delahunty Acting Managing Director 2011/04/20 2014/01/20
Margaret Elizabeth Docker 2012/04/17 2015/11/17
Councillor Brandon Reginald Edward Eldred Civil Servant 2012/05/24 2016/05/19
Councillor Matthew John Golby Executive Sales Manager 2013/05/23 2015/05/21
Councillor Matthew John Golby Executive Sales Manager 2011/05/05 2012/05/24
Richard John Aveling 2012/04/17
David John Pope Retired Teacher 2011/04/20 2016/12/01
Richard John Powell Accountant 2011/04/20 2013/11/19
Robert James Austin 2011/03/22
Jamdan Education Limited
Jamal Alwahabi Systems Analyst 2010/05/17
Danielle Stone 2010/05/17
Gdp (Global) Limited
Jamal Alwahabi System Analyst 2009/08/29 2012/05/15
Jean-Marc Taka Language Specialist 2009/08/29

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