The Jamaican Legal System And Guide To Legal Research


Jamaican Legal System And Guide To Legal Research



Source: European Union Membership 2017.


Published November/December 2012
READ THE UPDATE! Published May/June 2014 

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE OF JAMAICA -Criminal Division – 9 October 2017

Legal System

The Jamaican Legal System is known as a “Common Law” system. The Common Law system is one of the three major types of legal systems in the world. The other two are Civil Law (based on Codes) and Religious Law (based on Religious Texts). Some legal systems involve a combination of two or in a few instances all three of these types.

The Common Law System originated in England and in its earliest form was based on societal customs and norms recognised and enforced by the judgments and decrees of the courts. Over time, used in a broad sense, the term “Common Law” came to include these early customs as well as legislative enactments and the judicial decisions interpreting their application. The Common Law system became therefore the law (custom, statutes and judicial decisions) common to all of England. Jamaica, as does the rest of the Commonwealth Caribbean, has a Common Law legal system inherited from England.

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