History Of 501c3 Government Licensing Of Churches

History Of 501c3 Government Licensing Of Churches



via King Henry of England

The 501C3 to most means Non-Profit organization or Tax exempt status. Here is the Real meaning of 501C3: 5= People or Man in metaphysical terms
01= YHWH or Binary Code or Source Code
C= Covenant or Third Letter of the Alphabet or Man, Woman and Child
3= Holy Trinity or Man, Woman, Child or Mind, Body, Spirit

Sourced From: jesus-is-savior.com

This great Christian Republic that we live in was formed 225 years ago in 1776 by god‑fearing men who put all, including their homes, families, and lives on the line. What we seldom hear today, and what has been conveniently (or should I say deliberately) left out of the history books, is that much of the impetus for achieving our independence and freedoms was the result of the preaching and teaching of the clergy of that time. They were “fired up” with the Word of God, and spoke out on anything and everything that was in conflict with that word.

What a contrast to today, when the preachers are silent, when the churches have made a pact with the devil (the state), when they have played the role of Judas and sold out our God for “thirty pieces of silver.” Prior to 1954, there was no such thing as a 501(c)(3) church. All donations, contributions, gifts, etc. given to churches were automatically tax‑deductible under the old English common law, known as the “Law of Charities.” Then in 1954, Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson (D‑Texas) sponsored legislation which brought churches under the new 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue code.

As a part of this legislation, churches would incorporate, and having that status, they could not be sued in a legal action. This was promoted as a “benefit” to the churches. The churches never bothered to look to the Scriptures and previous law to find out that churches could  not be sued. They relied instead on advice from lawyers and the “legal profession” who recommended acceptance of this new “benefit.” And why not? Anything involving more “legality” does nothing more than advance the status, importance, need, and employment of this questionable profession. It is a fact, that today most all of the “churches” who have been sued in a court action have been “incorporated churches.”

I guess that back in 1954, the rational of the churches was that if everyone else was doing it, why should Christians not be involved. The whole concept of limited liability was the bait to get churches incorporated   and like a fish, they were hooked! Corporations, under law, can sue and be sued! By submitting an application (and a substantial fee) to the IRS for tax exempt status, the “church” is requesting and accepting a government license to allow them to operate, within the parameters and statutes of government regulation.

In other words, the church has become subservient to the government. Today, it is estimated that fully 90% of the “churches” in this nation are 501(c)(3) government sponsored churches, while only 10% are free‑churches. 

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