Vindicating Michael People Defend The Truth About Michael Jackson

Video: Vindicating Michael

People Defend The Truth About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson believed that the person who sank his career was David Geffen.

Matt Drudge, Sunday night, it is the Drudge Report. We are learning details on why exactly Michael Jackson’s mother left the courtroom. If we believed Nancy Grace and all of the other aggressive women that appear to be out to get Michael Jackson on the cable news shows. (Drudge then begins to imitate Nancy Grace):  “The testimony was so graphic and horrifying the mother had to excuse herself from the courtroom because she didn’t want to hear this….”.  Well, the mother has said through a press release that she left the courtroom during the molestation trial last week to use the restroom!1 How about that! She said that “accusing me of leaving due to graphic testimony when I simply went to the restroom is not fair and not accurate.” Do you hear that, Nancy Grace? Do you hear that, Diane Dimond, and all the multitudes……… Click Here To Read The Full Article And Watch  The Video


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