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Transracial Adoption (Ethics)

See on – Eugenics #Transracial #adoption is one of the most contentious issues in adoption politics and #education is the fore-runner in ‘politics of race’ more generally. waine-warren‘s insight: Human Rights A Person’s Fundamental Rights. See on Advertisements

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A true horror story: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre

See on – Eugenics “My name’s Kevin Raymond Young and I’m 52 years old.” There’s something desperate about the way Young says it, as if he’s clinging to the wreckage of his identity. Young was 17 when he was … Continue reading

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Family Court System

Family Court System See on – Eugenics “Family Court System”, a playlist created by Ngozi Godwell See on Read more articles: A Convicted Paedophile Managed To Foster A Child April 25th is the 6th Annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day! (via World4Justice : … Continue reading

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History Of Transracial Adoption

See on – Eugenics In 1944 the Boys and Girls Aid Society took an interest in the increasing number of minority children waiting to be adopted which focused on children from Asian American, Native American, and African American heritage. … Continue reading

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Secret Family Courts | Parents Rights Blog

Secret Family Courts | Parents Rights Blog See on – Eugenics Posts about Secret Family Courts written by towardchange See on Related articles Closing Argument – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( Welcome to GOV.UK ( Adoption Process | Search … Continue reading

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Human Rights A Person’s fundamental Rights

Human Rights A Person’s fundamental Rights

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Site Map Year 2013 – 14

Site Map Year 2013 – 14 A A Desperate Mother Has Been Told By A Top Judge That Her Teenage Son Cannot Live With Her Because She Is An Advocate Of Home Schooling, Albert Einstein’s Children, An Action Plan for Adoption: Tackling Delay, An Image … Continue reading


University Of Southampton Decides To Stop Teaching Social Work

University Of Southampton Decides To Stop Teaching Social Work  Last Updated On Monday 3oth June 2014 21:35 BA (Honours) Social Work (England) Some would believe social workers support and protect some of society’s most deprived and vulnerable people. It’s immensely … Continue reading


An Image from the Future of Revolutionary Ecology

See on – Eugenics See on

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Always keep the faith

See on – Eugenics Always keep the faith, no matter how tough life gets. Will help you be happy when times are so trying. See on

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