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Maryanne Godboldo—Detroit Mother Who Refused to Drug Her Child

See on – Eugenics Maryanne Godboldo, is the woman who was SWAT team raided when Child Protective Services attempted to kidnap her daughter because Maryanne refused to “treat” her with psychiatric medications.  Even Maryanne Godboldo has now openly … Continue reading

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Find In The Matter Of Minor G On Twitter

See on – Eugenics @wainewarren Independent: Non-profit #Advocate #Children #Education #FamilySystemCourt #Transparency #Truestory #Stolenlives… See on

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This Care System Is Creating Written-Off Children

This Care System Is Creating Written-Off Children Innocence Destroyed. When my only child was put into care when my child was ten years old. Approximately one month after their tenth birthday.  The following writer knows all too well that the system is … Continue reading

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Useful Links For Litigants

See on – Eugenics BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY Economic Crisis 2011: WARNING to the TYRANTS from AMERICA!Glossary of terms – LegalHer Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service IN THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE ON APPEAL FROM NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT HIS HONOUR … Continue reading

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Declaration of Rights Responsibilities

Thus, we the people do hereby declare not only our rights, but do now establish this bill of responsibilities. 1.  Because I have freedom of speech, I have the responsibility to defend the speech of others, even if I strongly … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Addresses Planned Parenthood

Via – EugenicsObama 2012: Are you in? Barack Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood on 7/17/07.Via

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Virginia lawmaker: Children with disabilities are God’s punishment to women who previously had abortions.

Via – Eugenics On Thursday, Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall (R) spoke at a press conference against state funding for Planned Parenthood.Via

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Help with Social Services and Children in Care Proceedings

Via – EugenicsPRO SE LITIGATION – Ngozi Godwell

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Newspaper Lawyer: Open Ky Child Welfare Records

Via – Eugenics FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) Welfare records of children who died or were injured from abuse while in state care should be open to allow for greater transparency, an attorney for Kentucky newspapers told lawmakers on Wednesday.Via

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Lost Canadians: War Bride Child Makes Human Rights Complaint to Federal Rights Agency-Says Department Discriminates Against Children Born out of Wedlock during WWII

Via – Eugenics Via

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