The Myth of Judicial Supremacy

  The Myth of Judicial Supremacy  Source: nationalreview.com by Paul Moreno June 26, 2015 2:20 Forget Marbury v. Madison.Judicial supremacy is mostly an invention of the Warren Court. The Supreme Court this morning declared that states cannot limit marriage to one … Continue reading

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Judicature Acts: United Kingdom

  Judicature Acts: United Kingdom There are many procedures by which citizens can challenge the legality of decisions made by public bodies. #law Source: LAW REFORM IN THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. The Judicature Acts are a series of Acts … Continue reading

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Family Law, Global News Update

Family Law, Global News Update Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada via Family Law, Global News. Beverley McLachlin had no career goal and little self-confidence when she went to university in the 1960s, let alone the … Continue reading

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Magna Carta

Magna Carta the law of the land “Not all nation states have codified constitutions, though all such states have a jus commune, or law of the land, that may consist of a variety of imperative and consensual rules.” The United … Continue reading

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Foster Mother Arrested for Murder of Toddler

Child Protection Service Fostering and Adoption take a child and now the foster mother is arrested for murder of the Toddler. A foster mother has been arrested on charges of murder and felonious assault. Thirty-one-year-old Bonnie Pattinson was arrested Friday afternoon, … Continue reading

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