Family Court System

Failure of Family Court System

Are children, fathers and mothers (in alphabetical order)  just complaining about the family court system for the sake of it?

In London’s Civil Appeal Court, Lord Justice Ward said:

“The father complains bitterly, passionately, and with every justification, that the law is sterile, impotent and utterly useless.”

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34 Responses to Family Court System

  1. towardchange says:

    “We feel the judicial system has failed our family and will continue to fail other families until someone in authority starts to take action.” – Darcey Freeman

  2. mandy francis says:

    the whole system is nothing more than licensed abuse by many professionals. the whole system needs a total overhaul and peoples voices noted and acted upon.

  3. Family Courts should be ‘open’ – protect the child/ren, but also protect THEIR RIGHT TO A FAMILY LIFE – instead of believing the LIES SOCIAL WORKERS MAKE, and HAVE AN OPEN COURT SYSTEM. Social Services committed PERJURY, DEFAMMATION OF CHARACTER, SUBJUDICY, & SLANDER when they took my daughter away (1994). The Judge had a ‘conflict of interest’ – I was in my final year training as a Social Worker, he sat on the BOARD OF CCETSW – when he told the Court, I knew I wouldn’t gain my CQSW. I got a basic Degree. I CAN PROVE ALL THE CLAIMS I MAKE ABOVE. I HAVE TAPE-RECORDED MEETINGS/ CONVERSATIONS. Social Work is MEANT TO BE helping people to get the resources they need to, where possible, keep the family together. (e.g. referring on if necessarily), teaching ‘Social Skills’ (where necessary), giving support (where possible), being a ‘listening ear’ (when needed)… NOT how it seems to be today – TAKING CHILDREN AWAY, LYING ABOUT FAMILIES, RIPPING FAMILIES APART. Social Work, it seems, these days is about RIPPING FAMILIES APART AND BASED ON TAKING CHILDREN AWAY. IT HAS TO STOP!

  4. sharon nuro says:

    This has to stop child abuse is causing so many deaths to our most innocent and vunerable children
    children who are living in fear and suffering such pain when they are the ones who should be protected not the abusers
    Adults have a choice children dont they are at the mercy of the adult
    you take children away from parents wrongly and put the children at risk in abusive care homes/ foster homes / or with a abusive family members
    but dont take the children that really need to be saved away you leave them living in fear and normally they end up dying at the hands of there abuser
    normally a parent the very person who is meant to love and protect them

  5. V4JandG says:

    GR8 BLOG! So much needs to change……..I believe we are drawing enough attention if we ALL stick together to bring change. God bless You.


  6. yestedax says:

    Im glad im able to join this wonderful community.


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  14. Elise Praml says:

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  15. Zen says:

    Facing evil?

    Simply return bad energy to source, in meditation without malice, invoking The Law of Karma.

    I visualise a mirror accepting love, returning fear, as only fear attacks.

    Life Itself then deals with it, in it’s own time, in perfect justice.

    Attacked by government lawyers as I exposed council corruption, 3 had messy, unexpected career terminations over time ( google judge andrew chubb ).

    The People are not defenceless, but no attack is ever necessary.

    Anger and hate stem from fear, feed the evil system, and weaken you.

    Conquer your fears one by one, empowering yourself with love, and the nasty little tricks they use to keep you in subjection, no longer work.

    Not only do they no longer work, but you will see The Law of Karma in action, distributing retribution.

    Some nasty people may die horribly, go mad, commit crimes, assault their children, or simply commit suicide, if they do not acknowledge their fault, and seek to change from fear towards love.

    Deadened within, they act as automatons, projecting the will of an evil state, and this is precisely the energy that they will receive back, perfectly adjusted for their own unique circumstances.

    (R)evolution – is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.

    Welcome to The (R)evolution!

    I am Zen, and I speak of something I was never taught, but realised what it was, as government employees started dropping like flies, some in death, others in near death, and others by various means.

    What you put out, comes back!

    I put out Truth – what do you put out?

    Beware of your inner reply, government employees!

    You may think that what occurs between your two ears is a secret, but I assure you that your thoughts are as open as a book on the astral, and noted by The Keepers of Karma.

    More on Facebook – Zen Zen – photos – Zen & The Art of (R)evolution.

    ~ [C] ~ Zen ~ 13 JAN 2012

    PUBLIC NOTICE – this text may be freely copied and distributed by any person whose heart loves freedom. Any other person shall pay the sum of £10 for their own use. Any commercial organisation wishing to quote any part, must publish the text complete, and pay the sum of £50 ( payable through Facebook contact ). Enjoy! 🙂

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  18. Emerson Stalford says:

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  22. Jason Sneedly says:

    You’re probably about correct but what about the last one you posted not long ago that was slightly different?

  23. Mrs. Kathy Danby says:

    Reading all the above comments is like reliving my case over again! So long as the family courts remain secret nobody will get any justice.

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  25. lorraine marie says:

    i agree with kathy danby – it would be good if we could get a well signed letter sent to judge munby who as recently made public the fact that members of the public should be in these family court proceedings of recent- this is what i was looking for between october 2011 and december 2013 where are members of the public –

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