Orange and Sunshine 

When Orange and Sunshine was released for viewing I was not even aware of this,   because I was busy fighting my own case in the Family Court; whilst networking with the real people on which the film is based.  
Did I really want to have visualized the true stories I was sharing with the  Child Migrant survivors about their experiences?
The answer then was no, but now my answer is yes.  I want to watch this film. 
My next door neighbour has been reading this blog and in turn watched the film Orange and Sunshine.  My neighbour was overcome with emotion as he informed me that he watched the film, it left him feeling amazed that innocent children were treated like this and their parents did not have a glue.  I only let him utter a sentence about the film.  His words:  “Our Government did to this to our children”
Yes, they did it alright!  They are governed by law to protect and serve their people.  When children are placed in care homes it is to provide them with care and shelter.  The Government does not tell us that being in care is to openly abuse children,  treat them like dogs (If this was not the case Minor G, my child would be home by now).   
Now I do understand why nowadays children are labelled ‘at risk’ once taken into care.  This is the only reason legal aid is available to their parent’s no matter if they are poor or rich, once they become involved in Wardship Proceedings. 
Many Child Migrants were also killed on open bon fires, because they had a disability and were deemed not fit for purpose … meaning it was not in the best interest of the Government to ship these unfortunate children to different countries.
The scheme, which ran from the 1920s to the 1960s, an estimated 150,000 poor youngsters aged between three and 14 were sent to Commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada.  Oranges and Sunshine is set in 1980s Nottingham, social worker Margaret Humphreys holds the British government accountable for child migration schemes and reunite the children involved. 
My name is Ngozi,  I maintain, publish and run this blog.  I am the author.  Putting this piece together has proven difficult for me, so many emotions.  In truth I started this particular page well before Christmas.  I  would open the page and  immediately close it.  What is a person supposed to write? 
Just like Alex Jones and others I could hear the screams of our children … overtime one learns to accept and deal with the situation, you can are unable to undo what is already done, but you can make the situation better!
I first became aware about Child Migrants some years ago, whilst I campaigning about my own family’s plight.  My child is Minor G and I am her mother, the woman who was beaten up by the Northamptonshire police force, then my only child removed immediately from my care.   OK, by force, of course I did fight back when I was physically attacked by the representatives for Northamptonshire police force  The reason they came to my home?
‘To deal with me’ (this was a planned effort).  Then later at 12 midnight I was thrown me into  a psychiatric unit to get me out-of-the-way. The establishment  made sure my child came to visit me, so she could see what they had done to me.   No one now needs to tell us how wicked the system is.  If I had remained living in London my place of birth, this would never have happened to my child and I.  That was then and this is now.  We all are survivors!
The good news is that the establishment have also been following this blog and my other websites.  As a direct result on 23rd December 2011 they stormed my home yet again attempting to have me sectioned.  Two people in my lounge that day refused to play the dirty game, one a psychiatrist who later stormed out of my home in disgust and an approved social worker.   My child and I have learnt the hard way the system is no good to children, it abuses them and will do anything to bury the intentional abuses of children in their care.  In writing Northamptonshire local (no) authority referred to my child as a dog. 
If you are still wondering how the above paragraph is good news, the answer is held in the last sentence of the previous paragraph: We all are survivors!  We have all lived and to be honest I do not care how rich you are, you will never be able to pay money and experience what we all have.  We are the real people of substance and no matter how expensive the suit is you can never buy it, to be it..
I am so happy the Child Migrants have spoken up.  My up most respect to them, their found and lost parents.  Some have brothers and sisters who they may never meet, they are gone forever, until the next generation attempts to trace their family tree.  For those Child Migrants whose dreams did come true .. what can I write?
I will leave it to the imagination of the reader. 
Some of the Child Migrants are in my network on Facebook, I was not even aware of this fact, until they started popping up to tell me their stories.  When you are chatting to the people who have lived this, it is mind-blowing.  Then you try to workout how adults could be so evil to children, other people children.  These very adults were placed in a position of trust.  The case of Minor G to my horror is not a one-off situation, there is an avalanche coming our way!
No matter what the establishment does to me I will never forget the Child Migrants and I believe by the time they finish with the UK Government many will never forget them either.
In 1986, Margaret Humphreys was a social worker in Nottingham, specialising in child protection. One day an Australian woman contacted her, to say she was trying to find her mother.

Versaille Adopted Wealthy french family in France 1980s .

Sebastian De Carss was a child migrant slave for the British Empire 1960s

“As a child, Jim Loach – son of Ken – swore he would never follow his father into film-making. But that didn’t last.” Here he talks to Cath Clarke about his first feature; Orange and Sunshine.




    Thank you for your support to child migrant survivor’s.
    My reqards.
    Sebastian De Carss.
    A child migrant bonfire Survivor from 1966 to 1974.
    Good British stock appedix4 1947 to 1974.
    Springhill school in Ripon Uk.

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  12. towardchange says:

    The neighbour in question was a Mr Dean Jarvis also known as Deano.

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