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“Never walk away from what you’re most passionate about in life because nothing is ever a lost cause when you believe in it. Remember, even when you feel that your back is up against the ropes and you want to throw the towel in, there’s still always one more fight left in you and there’s still always something left worth fighting for and holding onto. Because when you find that something in life that is worth fighting for, you don’t give up on it but you fight that much harder for it. Better to take a chance then look back and regret not having taken that chance to make things happen for it’s those risks and chances we take that take us to places far beyond our imagination.”
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For Who Present Themselves, In Propria Persona

“Contrary to the view of certain judges and lawyers, those who opt to litigate their own legal matters without an attorney are NOT second-class citizens deserving of contempt and injustice. Instead, they are BRAVE CITIZENS with an inalienable right to have their legal causes adjudicated objectively and justly — with or without a lawyer. Self-representation can be a difficult, time-consuming, and …often frightening experience, especially for those burdened by demanding work schedules, family responsibilities, and other obligations of day-to-day living. Accordingly, those who engage in the difficult task of self-litigation should be REVERED for their COURAGE and DEDICATION, not scorned or abused.” – Children’s Rights

The slow pace of family justice

 Message from a friend

Where professionals are acting in a Dishonest and unscrupulous manner Social Workers, Cafcass officers and the rest are Nameable and they use the Privacy of Family Court to continue their crimes Unhindered (kangaroo court)..

I have found that the Only way to meet this corrupt culture is to expose them.. All Professionals involved in such cases CAN Be Named ! As complaining get’s you no where when the evidence is “Lost” by their colleagues.. Also when you go to your Member of Parliamen tthey imply that they will have good reason for their actions and SS ect hide behind “Confidentiality” when questioned.. (or the MP maybe directly involved in child trafficking)

RECORD EXPOSE and teach these Cretins that there ARE Consequences for their actions.. You cannot bring charges as the police don’t act.. Even if you have clear evidence you are all too often told ” It is a Civil Matter” or “See your solicitor” But Family LAW Practitioners are not interested in exposing such criminal activities as it will adversely effect their living they often tell you that it is not a family Law matter.

If you have the Money to bring a Private prosecution you would be met with delays until you ran out of Money.. So to all that think that Family LAW follows the same rules of BURDEN OF PROOF as Criminal.

Think again.. IT DOES NOT! In a nutshell they break the law by ignoring even international law, which many countries have signed to uphold.  By any means necessary unless you come across the right judge, they will do any thing to exhaust you from complaining. Notwithstanding appeal, appeal and appeal, because people can and do win.

Crystal L. Cox

Ever wondered Why So many Parents are subjected to Psychological assessments then Diagnosed with a condition!
Unless we have total transparency people will be “Human” and do anything to avoid blame, many times even, at the expense of another.
This is they infer paranoid delusion in your Clients !
It is also true for other government departments.

This is a prime example of why secrecy in Family Courts should be Abolished !

Should Judges who preside over care proceedings have a mandatory psychology assessment ?


30437_1253147821779_1622061350_614810_4567268_n41 Believing that Children Come First.  In today’s modern society:  “Innocent Children Are Losing Loving Parents.”


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Anti abuse rally 04 June 2011


Best Magazine

Best Magazine

 “Life is an endless source of richness. Everything that comes your way can, in some way or another, add to that richness.”

25 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Andy Barnard says:

    When your cause if Just and the indignation to which we are subjected is rampant.
    The Richeouse indignation with which we respond is overwhelming !
    Fight on and remember it may be their Job’s but it is our Lives.
    Record & Expose ;)

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  4. towardchange says:

    “I am so proud that others have come forward to give their support AGAINST those people who thought they were SAFE from the evil that they had done. The GREATER EVIL is that people in HIGH places TRIED to cover it up by delay and dissemination.”
    ~ Phil Thompson

  5. towardchange says:

    Family Law Courts.
    Guidance Note: In-Court Family Mediation Services. https://towardchange.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/family-law-courts/

  6. Carla Burks says:

    I am glad to see an organization as this that is standing up and speaking out on issues that matter.
    I am a parent advocate that believes the system needs a transformation.
    My story is unique so I thought, until I started reading other parents story about losing parental rights.
    Through my experience with CPS and the court system, I was inspired to start my own website to share my story. I am happy to say that after 5 years, I have finally been re-united with my only son.

  7. Carla Burks says:

    I am glad to see parents and individuals from all areas coming together to be heard. I am a parent advocate and I am hoping to spread awareness about the flaws in our system.

  8. Do actually think this is true?

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  15. Great blog – very informative and interesting. For anyone interested in Scots family Law, please take a look at my blog.

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  18. Florene says:

    You are so cool! I don’t think I’ve read something like this before.
    So great to find another person with a few unique thoughts on this topic.

    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!


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