Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

Have you been treated roughly by your Family Court Solicitor ? It Is Time To Talk, Rate & Review.

The best ways to warn consumers of the perils of using lawyers who fail to disclose their history to clients, is to inform the consumer. Client confidential allows them to withhold client history from you. This is their private business, would you not agree?

via Scotland’s Judges To be Asked For Views On Their Own Lack Of Transparency Over Personal Interests.. 

How The Corrupt Judges Breach Human Rights And EU Law To Pander To The Wishes Of Social Workers.

There is no hope for a system that corrupt as to allow such thing to happen on a daily basis. Maybe one day there WILL be some true movement to cleanse the festering pustule from the cafcass of the Family Court system.

The evidence is irrefutable but getting some one to pick it up and use it is like trying to get a passer by to pick up Dog Dropping with their bare hands. !

In my humble opinion these are not honourable people merely Jaded money Grubbers wearing the badge of office just for the standing it gives amongst their peers.

Many are So ignorant of the LAW that they do as their CLERK recommends.
There is and will be No true Justice in the Family system until these lazy slacking Trough snuffler’s are exposed and brought to book for their indifference to their standing and position of trust.

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Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

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4 Responses to Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

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  2. Shivani Ambani says:

    we were told by our solicitor that it was a pre hearing and we had no paper work to show the judge however when we were in front of the judge we were advised that this is not a pre hearing but actual hearing. our daughter was taken away from us by order as we came un prepared because of the solicitors. she has been removed from us with lies. we are still fighting for that in justice almost now 18 months. The system has social workers who believe they are un touch able and courts with Judges who never even see the child but believe guardians who are liars like the Social workers ruin life’s of the child and the family . But this is the caring Britain who love there children and loves to protect them.

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