Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

Have you been treated roughly by your Family Court Solicitor ? It Is Time To Talk, Rate & Review.

The best ways to warn consumers of the perils of using lawyers who fail to disclose their history to clients, is to inform the consumer. Client confidential allows them to withhold client history from you. This is their private business, would you not agree?

via Scotland’s Judges To be Asked For Views On Their Own Lack Of Transparency Over Personal Interests.. 

How The Corrupt Judges Breach Human Rights And EU Law To Pander To The Wishes Of Social Workers.

There is no hope for a system that corrupt as to allow such thing to happen on a daily basis. Maybe one day there WILL be some true movement to cleanse the festering pustule from the cafcass of the Family Court system.

The evidence is irrefutable but getting some one to pick it up and use it is like trying to get a passer by to pick up Dog Dropping with their bare hands. !

In my humble opinion these are not honourable people merely Jaded money Grubbers wearing the badge of office just for the standing it gives amongst their peers.

Many are So ignorant of the LAW that they do as their CLERK recommends.
There is and will be No true Justice in the Family system until these lazy slacking Trough snuffler’s are exposed and brought to book for their indifference to their standing and position of trust.

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Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

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6 Responses to Have You Been Treated Roughly By Your Family Court Solicitor?

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  2. Shivani Ambani says:

    we were told by our solicitor that it was a pre hearing and we had no paper work to show the judge however when we were in front of the judge we were advised that this is not a pre hearing but actual hearing. our daughter was taken away from us by order as we came un prepared because of the solicitors. she has been removed from us with lies. we are still fighting for that in justice almost now 18 months. The system has social workers who believe they are un touch able and courts with Judges who never even see the child but believe guardians who are liars like the Social workers ruin life’s of the child and the family . But this is the caring Britain who love there children and loves to protect them.

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  5. Mike Adkins says:

    i was taken to court for my own Children by my ex partners Boyfriend, he lied to the Courts about his whearabouts over the last 5 years, this was easily proven , however my Barrister Nor my solicitor insisted on this evidence being examined, this lead to a High court hearing in London costing me £50’000, we won the case simply because there was no case really to be heard, i was cross examined by Cafcass only, the applicant had no questions for me, What a joke, this was done to finacially break me, it was not about Him Wanting my Children, just to give an idea what i was up against, in writing this Moron wrote to Finacially support my children he was going to draw pictures of people in the street and then sell them to passers by, i swear, i have it in a statement………. i believe i was set up by my Solicitor and Barrister in order to get a trail and earn out of it £50’000 , the Mother to my children passed away via a very odd but sudden death, i had not spoken to her for nearly 4 years, she calls me and tells me that if anything was to happen to her then she wanted me to know that she wants the boys to live with me, the next day she passed away, i was not notified of this untill 3 days later , By a friend of the family who strongly dissagreed with what they were doing , they went to court with out notifying me and said to a judge i was not interested in knowing them, THIS DUMB ASS JUDGE gave them custody of my children, when i was not even aware there was a hearing going on,….. WTF, this is 100% truth….. I went to court the next day and demanded a hearing that day, it was granted, it was then granted that a final hearing shall be 6 days later by another judge simply because i was strong but honest with him , Saying in an asking manner, Exactly where is this going, He Agreed and said no where from his point of view, so a final hearing was set for 6 days later, this came round and with a very breafly breifed barrister we won , so i came home with my children, Then 2 months later the ex boy friend of my ex came on the scene saying he had lived with my children for the last 5 years, and all sorts of things, So by a High Court Circuit Judge he was granted a trial, , Now the thing that gets me is this, it is so simple to check out someones correct address even more so if that person has been claiming DSS for the last 7 years lol….. so my question is this, why didnt my barrister or soliciitor demand to have this statement cross examined and proven to be a lie……., as it was so easy to get the DSS to provide his whearabouts for the last 5 to 7 years, by the way , he is 48years old living with his Mother…….. Ummmmmmm i know, we wont do this then we get a trail and we earn £50k from it,……….. i have to add that thank god we won this trail too, but i want to add, in the Judges final statement he accused the Applicant of Signifficant Harm to my Children of Physical, Mental end Emotional Abuse,

    Did my Children get Justice , NO, they got thier Freedom, but No justice No Truth

    The system is 100% shocking, it is set up to earn Solicitors and Barristers unbeliveable amounts of money for simply doing very very little, I didnt need a Barrister to win my case, I used a Barrister because i couldnt risk the implications of this Certified Nutter ……” i have this in writing from his doctor too so i am saying it justified”…….. Obtaining Custody of my Children, Both for thier wellfare……. Mine !! as well as HIS, Now it gets better, haha just as if you didnt think that was bad enough,

    over the last year i have been thinking, What was it all for, since the boys have been in my custody, the Applicant and Maternal family who tried so so so hard to keep my children have not once sent a christmas card , Birthday card, any presents or anything of any kind at all, Gee they loved them so much aye, Nothing, i have just learned that whilst the children were in their care they have sold the Mothers inheritance from her father to one of her sisters , YES,

    i simply ask, Are the COURTS , Judges, Barristers & Solicitors, Social Workers and Cfacass officers really really this DUMB,

    I’m considering writing a book , if anyone know some who can help me get this done , or get justice for my boys , please by any means you feel correct contact me ,

    🙂 dont be stupid and go with the flow, dig deep, find the truth and stand for it

    The Law needs to Change ,
    Parental Righs need to be Adheared to and Upheld,
    Parents need to be By Law Notified if there is going to be a hearing on the Custody of their Children,
    Childrens rights and Wishes Must be heard and Honoured , and these must be done Impartially, meaning not by dumb ass social workers who are clueless to whats really going on,
    No Parent on this plannet should be left with court costs to pay if someone wants to bullshit their way to court create ashstonishing costs and then just walk away losing with a smirk on their face, Leaving a Parent not only to now bring up children but too be faced with Debts that simply cant now be paid, this is nothing but 100% compleet Madness,

    YES this all happened in the Supreme High Family Courts in London……


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