Parents Have Rights

“Parents’ rights advocates claim that many parents’ parental rights are unnecessarily iterminated, and that children are separated from fathers and mothers and adopted through the actions of family courts and government social service agencies seeking to meet their own targets, rather than looking at the merits of each case.” ~ Wikipedia

‎”The international bias against the national history of our country is a serious threat. Most parents have no idea how extreme the situation is. Transformation of America has begun. Direct assault against our children has major implications for their future and ours. Our freedom as families and our personal beliefs… are under direct attack. The attack is not directed at us as adults but directed at our children. The goal is change their minds, change a generation, change a nation.”

61 Responses to Parents Have Rights

  1. towardchange says:

    “Our goal with parents have rights . com is to inform the American people. Stop the international curriculum from being implemented in our public schools in the form of Ibo world schools are based in Geneva Switzerland.”

  2. towardchange says:

    12th-14th SEPTEMBER 1988 the “theme was Effective Intervention. The recent cases of child sexual abuse have highlighted the need for effective intervention by all those who have responsibility for protecting, educating and caring for children. It was hoped that the formal presentations and the informal discussions in the working groups would strengthen the understanding of the need for intervening effectively and produce some constructive guidelines for prevention and detection, and for helping families where abuse has occurred.”

    The two doctors who lost their child in Spain, they will tell you that the plans do not work. It is all about £££££££££ Parents are no longer allowed to protect their own children..

  3. towardchange says:

    “Innocent parents are being falsely accused of child abuse.”

  4. sandra chave says:

    is this in USA i am in UK and need help to get my children back if some one can help find some one in UK derbyshire england please help

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  57. smithlisa2130 says:

    Can someone please help me and my husben cps came in and took are kides February 14 they lied on are paper and it been 7 month since this has happened we have done proved them wrong we have passed drug test after drug test and still cant get my kides home we can not get dhhr to do anything they told us kides would be home if we did everything they told us and we have the Ravenswood copes are involved all becouse we would not help them i have my paper parent work has stoped coming becouse he say we dont need it if someone can please contact us please we are in need of help 304 373 3528

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