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About.  About | Northamptonshire County Council (UK) |  About | Public Law Children Act Cases |  Access to legal services.  Adopted.  AdoptionADOPTION.- ADOPTION Britain’s adoption crisis  Adoption.- Northamptonshire County Council (UK)  Adoptive parents cannot be forced to provide annual photo of child (via UK Human Rights Blog).  AGEING OUT OF THE CARE SYSTEM.  Alan WardAshford mum didn’t realise father of child was convicted paedophile. See You in Court: A Social Worker’s Guide to Presenting Evidence in Care Proceedings eBook: Lynn Davis: Kindle Store.  Anonymity | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog.  Anonymity Of The Expert Witnesses.  Appeals soar after secret courts are opened to public.  30 arrested by cops in court corruption probe after The Sun nailed crooked … – The Sun  International Child Sex Cartel By A Former U.S. Senator  
Article 2 (Non-discrimination).  Australian Constitution and Common Law Being Trampled On | Parents Rights Blog.  The Author.  woman has been found guilty of murdering her toddler son.


Baby P mum too scared to leave jail for fear of being attacked.  Big Brother, Come Clean: The FBI is Misusing “Community Outreach” Programs for Intelligence Gathering.  Black British Foster Care ChildrenBlack Children | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog300,000 babies stolen by Nuns & Priests from their parents and sold for adoption in Spain.  BAILII – Appeal for funding Blog — WordPress.


CAFCASS: The Anonymous childrenCAFCASS; Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.  CAFCASS; Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.  Child of Rage The FULL Documentary   1,000 California Foster Care Homes Match Sex Offender Addresses.  California Appeals court denies effort to keep media out of children’s courtsCameron’s Families Tsar Steps Down.  Can’t Give Up Now.  Class Actions.  Care ProceedingsCARE PROCEEDINGS: Re A and L [2011] EWCA Civ 1611.  Chambers Magazine – Chambers Magazine – Striking a balance: Defining the right of privacy.  This Care System Is Creating Written-Off Children.  Charles McNally.  Charles McNally | Parents Rights BlogChildren’s commissioner to investigate primary school safeguardingChildren at heart of our complex relationships – The West AustralianChild Support Agency charge backedChild WelfareChildren in Care in England: StatisticsChildren Council .  Children’s rights.  Child protection scrutiny boostedCouncil leader admits staff harmed children in their care.  CPS aka Child Protective Services – The Protectors.   CPS aka Child Protective Services – The ProtectorsChild protection scrutiny boosted2 to ♥ A Child (TWO TO LOVE A CHILD) – The Parental Allies 4 Children! Conflicts of Interest.  Crystal L. Cox, Whistleblower Media, Poking a Big of Fun at Big Media.  CHILD PROTECTION (Innocence Destroyed)Constitutional Reform Act 2005Corruption In The CrownCorruption in Our Courts: What It Looks Like and Where It Is Hidden Contact the White House | The White HouseThe Family Court System


Dastardly Dads: Mom gets 15 years to life for “failing to protect” 22 …    Data Protection Act 1998  DisclaimerDisarm Parental Predators.   Disability rights victories in European Court of Human Rights won by HLS advocate.  Disgusted with the system: In family law, a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court may file a habeas corpus petition in Federal CourtDiversity, Public Safety, and the Criminal Law: A London Tale | Online Library of Law and Liberty.  Do Rapists Have the Right to Parent Children Conceived in Rape? Part One of a Two-Part Series of ColumnsDo you believe the page Family Court System is offending?.  Domestic violence and a law of unintended consequencesDomestic violence no more a private affair | Provinces | DAWN.COM.  Don’t Shoot The Messenger


 Equal Rights Alert.EugenicsEqual Rights for Men,  EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTSEveryChild seeks partners for protection network | Special Reports | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record.

Broadmoor Knew Jimmy Savile Was A “Paedophile

Expose Corrupt Courts Northamptonshire County Council (UK) Parental Responsibility. Parents Rights facebook page all you need to do is tick like. Public Law Children Act Cases. Northamptonshire County Council (UK)

Stop Harvesting Our Innocent Children



Family Court System. Family justice system ‘damaging children’. Family Law CourtsFamily Law Week: Fostering services in need of radical reform, says Policy ExchangeFamily Mediation Explained. The Family Justice Modernisation Programme.   The Family Procedure Rule Committee makes the following rules in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 75 and 76 of the Courts Act 2003(1),  Father of children allegedly abused by foster parent speaks outFathers Rights.  Fathers and Mothers. Fathers Rights USAFemale doctors for women and children , a great step |  Find In The Matter Of Minor G On Twitter.  Foster Care.  Foster father convicted of child sex crimes.  Foster system held back by council fear of criticism – BBC NewsForced Adoption. Few options for left-behind parents even if Hague OK’d – The Japan Times.
A fathers walk for justice

Joshua Ryan Sinclair


G (A Child) [2012] EWCA Civ 1690.  Goldie: Born to shine | Parents Rights Blog. Government Sponsored Secret Family Courts.
Government Sponsored Secret Family Courts | Parents Rights Blog


Help with Social Services and Children in Care Proceedings.  House of Lords..  Hearing postponed for former probation chief – GazetteNET.  How is Child Support Calculated?How Politics Affect Areas of Social WorkHuman Rights  How the State Steals Children from Loving Parents.
Human Rights A Person’s Fundamental Right.  Human Rights | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog.


law firms, legal news, comment, events, forums, blogs, wikis & legal jobs.  Increase Transparency in the Family Courts. Increase Transparency in the Family Courts | Parents Rights BlogIncrease Transparency in the Family Courts. –  In the last century, Australia held the record amongst Commonwealth Nations for having the most number of displaced children.   INDEPENDENT REVIEWING OFFICER UKInnocence Destroyed.  IN THE MATTER OF MINOR G (a Child) in the Royal Court of Justice.  In the 1980′s Miami prosecutors devised a nationally-imitated method to win child molestation convictionsInnocence Destroyed,  Is the Largest Judiciary in the Western World Crumbling?.  IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD, WE HAVE TO MAKE IT RIGHT!.


 Joshua Ryan Sinclair | Parents Rights BlogJudges, Magistrates and Tribunal Judges.
Judicial Accountability and Stare Decisis – Should the US be Learning from the UK? | Parents Rights Blog. The Judiciary of England of Wales | Parents Rights BlogJudge calls for no-fault divorce.  Judges, Judicial Accountability and Stare Decisis – Should the US be Learning from the UK?.  The Judicial System in the UK Vs AccountabilityJurisdiction.  Juror jailed for looking up rape defendant on Google • The Register. .  Justice for Maryanne Godboldo.  Justice Secretary, Jack Straw’s Response On Baby P’s Mum.


Ken Clarke Vs Father’s and Children’s RIGHTS ! | Parents Rights BlogKentucky child-protection workers describe hostile work environment | Politics and Government |


Law Society disappointed by retention of fees for care proceedings.  law firms, legal news, comment, events, forums, blogs, wikis & legal jobs.  Legally Kidnapped: Child protection issues – Continually letting the …  Legal Research.  Litigants in person could struggle to secure access to justice. Lost Canadians: War Bride Child Makes Human Rights Complaint to Federal Rights Agency-Says Department Discriminates Against Children Born out of Wedlock during WWII.


Martin Narey – Advisor on Adoption.  Maryanne Godboldo—Detroit Mother Who Refused to Drug Her Child.  Magistrates and Tribunal Judges | Parents Rights BlogMartin Narey – Advisor on Adoption. jailed for ban dodge bid |  MATTER OF MINOR G (a Child) in the Royal Court of Justice Migrants Who Were Trafficked Launch Abuse Claim.  Miss N’s Complaint About The Children And Family Court Advisory And Support Service.  Mother loses UK legal fight to stop son’s cancer radiotherapy.

“The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail”



 N.Godwell.  New York: The Besieged Children by Helen Epstein | The New York Review of Books.  NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.  Northamptonshire County Council. Northamptonshire County Council.- Ignored parents and imposed Academies  Northampton Borough Council: The PerpetratorsNorthampton Borough Council: Search Results For Racism.  Northampton social worker denies raping boy in his care – Crime … 


Obese Children Should Be Separated From Parents | Parents Rights BlogOur Children.


Placement Decisions by Director Of Social Services.  Placement Decisions by Director Of Social Services Northamptonshire County Council.  Parents Against InjusticeParents Rights Blog — WordPressParental Responsibility.  Parents Have Rights.  Parents Rights UK EstablishmentParents Rights UK Establishment | Parents Rights BlogPART 1- Family Court Crisis – Our Children at Risk.  PART 2 – Family Court Crisis – Our Children at Risk.   Social Services Northamptonshire County Council | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog  President Obama’s record of support for abortion is radical and …  Principles underlying a civil appeals system. PROMOTION.  Public Law Children Act Case Plan | Parents Rights Blog.


Q (A Child) [2011] EWCA Civ 1610 (21 December 2011)Qualifying care relief: Foster carers, adult placement carers, kinship carers and staying put carers.


Rare Family Law Case Heard by U.S. Supreme Court.  Removed by people who have no respect for their identity or their Cultural background | Parents Rights Blog. Restoring Hope: The Power of Social Work – HOPE CONFERENCE 2012. Review of Hague Abduction and Child Protection Conventions .


 Season’s Greetings And Best Wishes For The New Year.  . Self Interests vs Public Service.  Should Parents Lose Custody of Obese Children? (via The Skinny Pink Ninja).  Singer Mindy McCready’s 5-year-old son in custody. Sir Alan Hylton Ward.   Sir Nicholas Wall President Family Division and the Secrecy RulesSITEMAPShould judges be forced to retire at 70? 75? Florida’s Senate Judiciary Committee debates the issue » Gavel to Gavel.  Should Judges who preside over care proceedings have a mandatory psychology assessment?Slain child’s father deported back to Oz – . Social Service agent’s lying, falsifying evidence, hiding exculpatory evidence is the standard toolbox of CPS agencies in every westernized country in the world.  Social Services Northamptonshire County Council | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog.  Social Workers | Parents Rights BlogState secrecy & child deaths in the US « Fight Corrupted Family …  Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968.  Stop Harvesting Our Innocent Children.  South Carolina Supreme Court REVERSES a family court ruling to terminate parental rights.


Tawni Roark. Thats our Judge. The Family Court System
The Generic Name Given To ‘Forced AdoptionThe Judicial System in the UK Vs Accountability. Tools ‹ Parents Rights Blog — WordPress.TOWARDCHANGE ACTIVIST 4 CHILDREN AND FAMILIESTrue Story. Thomas JeffersonThe voluntary ombudsman | LEGAL FUTURES.


United KingdomUNITED KINGDOM 6 Feb 2012 Elizabeth II marks 60 years as Britain’s queen – NewsAhead Agency. United States Psychcologists – Their dirty trick in family courts and …  UK Secret Courts. Unlawful Government Action. United Kingdom Social ServicesUSA – Freedom Of Information.


 Victim Information and Notification Everyday. Voices Silenced By FearThe Volokh Conspiracy » Children’s Immunizations, and Disputes Between Divorced Parents.


The *waine-warren♚ * Daily. WATCH FOR INNOCENT CHILDREN LOSING LOVING PARENTSWHAT REALLY GOES ON IN UK SECRET FAMILY COURTS. Why Westminster is bucking the trend in children’s care proceedingsWill a life insurance payout go to my estranged spouse? | Life Insurance Quotes Australia. World4Justice (Lobby Forum) Justice4ChildrenWest Virginia Court Improvement Programme.West Virginia – Do I need a Will in West Virginia if all My Property is Held Jointly?Wrongful acts in Social Work Malpractice.





Office for misconduct in public office

Article From Articles Back Link



Trampling On Our Human Rights

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