CAFCASS; Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

Photo Guardians ad litem, Diane Clark

“Guardians ad litem should consider whether they can assist in speeding up court procedures through the preparation of statements agreed by all parties to be put before the court so that the court can concentrate on disputed issues.” – Edna Llewellyn


On CAFCASS – “They will be known as Guardians who sacrificed vulnerable children to state sanctioned child abductions and abuse and the deliberate destruction of Families.” – Yvonne Stewart-Taylor

12 Responses to CAFCASS; Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

  1. towardchange says:

    {July 1, 2009} Celeb child case tests media access to family courts

    “The media’s new right to attend family court proceedings should only be overturned in the most exceptional circumstances, the President of the Family Division has been told.”

  2. towardchange says:

    Compiling information on Operation, Human Resources, Complaints, Diversity and Finance – Cafcass Paper for the Board meeting on 5 October 2006

    “It was agreed that the revised Complaints procedure (final draft) would be presented at the Board meeting on 5 February 2010.” – Cafcass Board Meeting Minutes
    10 December 2009

  3. lost father says:

    As someone’s survey recently discovered “they (cafcass) are not fit for the purpose our guardian has seen our sone in his second week and not since we are now in month 7 how is this person acting in our sons best interests?

    To many secrets in the family court they should be opened up to the press at least, even with reporting restrictions, we are in court all the time with no charge made against either of us, even if we win they will find some little loop hole so we cannot sue for their deprivation of our son for months inc, Christmas, Birthday and other important events! what other aspect of law would this set up of guilty till proven innocent to be allowed in it is a travesty!

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  7. I think it is wrong for diane clarke to judge me or my partner she only met us in court and never came out to see us so how would you know what sort of parents are? Please answer this

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