How the State Steals Children from Loving Parents

Family Court

Family Court Crisis – Our Children at Risk

Even if you do not sign anything for social services and the family court system once your children are stolen by the State .. your family might as well be dead.

What We Want – Open Courts.


6 Responses to How the State Steals Children from Loving Parents

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  2. swright says:

    left traumatised by th experience and loss i am a dad were is my child

  3. meloni luna says:

    My newborn son was stolen from me last year because I made a phone call to a mental health facility to get help because I was depressed because my husband took our children and left me and he wouldn’t tell me where they were or let me talk to them. This was last summer. They took our other children a few months later from him for no reason.

  4. My name is Tina and for the past two years I’ve been fighting department of social services for coming to a different state and steal my boys from me !!my 21year old daughter made false allegations on me (her mother)on sexual allegations I’ve spent 9months in jail waiting on jury trial 30minutes into my court trial the judge threw my case out on the stand my daughter told the court she lied about everything .Dew to the allegations that were made on me the social services came to the state I went to and stole my boys and put them in the same foster care with the sister who made the false allegations against me.Now the court gave me two weeks before the judge makes his dission to give me back my boys or let the foster family adopt them!!!! Please if anyone has information that could help me get my boys back please your thoughts mean a lot to me

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