Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there … Continue reading

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Foster Care

Foster Care

Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward is placed in the private home of a state certified caregiver referred to as a “foster parent”.  The state via the family court and child protection agency stand in loco parentis to the minor, making all legal decisions while the foster parent is responsible for the day to day care of said minor. The foster parent is remunerated by the state for their services.  Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until a permanent placement can be made:

  • Reunification with the biological parent(s)
  • When it is deemed in the child’s best interest. This is generally the first choice.
  • Preferably by a biological family member such as an aunt or grandparent.
  • If no biological family member is willing or able to adopt, the next preference is for the child to be adopted by the foster parents or by someone else involved in the child’s life (such as a teacher orcoach). This is to maintain continuity in the child’s life ~ Wikipedia

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Family Law Courts

Family Law Courts Family matters are dealt with in the Family Division of the High Court, by district judges in County Courts and in Family Proceedings Courts. What Family Courts deal with Public law Private Law Adoption Marriage matters Domestic … Continue reading

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Over 70 Pocso cases filed by Childline, no conviction yet – The Times of India

When 3-year-old Chaavi (name changed) went missing, her parents relentlessly searched for her and found her beneath the bushes in a cemetery in north-east Bengaluru. She had been brutally raped and left to die. This case was reported by Radha R, activist with Childline, the children’s helpline, on May 19, 2015. 

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Childline encouraged Chaavi’s parents to file a case under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act 2012 against the attacker. The case drags on, along with more than 70 cases of Pocso filed by Childline in the past 18 months. Not a single case has been disposed of by the sessions court. This despite the act explicitly stipulating a six-month deadline for adjudication of cases. 

"Chaavi was taken by a drunk boy in her neighbourhood when her parents were away. They’re from the weaker section of the society and were initially reluctant to lodge the complaint. But we encouraged them to do it. I haven’t heard anything from the court on the case yet," said Radha. Incidentally, high-profile cases like the many sexual assaults on school campuses in 2014 too are pending, sources in the Pocso court confirmed. 

See on Scoop.itPublic Law Children Act Adoption Cases

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Scotland Yard Apologises To Women Deceived Into Relationships With Undercover Officers

The Met said the relationships were “abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong”.

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After a four-year legal battle, the Metropolitan police announced on Friday that the force had reached settlements with the women and published a full apology for the “totally unacceptable behaviour” of the undercover officers. The relationships, the apology said, were “abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong”.


The Met has also paid the women substantial undisclosed damages.

The cases involved four officers who worked on an undercover unit called the Special Demonstration Squad, Bob Lambert, John Dines, Mark Jenner, and Jim Boyling, and another from the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, Mark Kennedy. They became involved in intimate sexual relationships with members of environmental campaign groups they were trying to infiltrate from the mid-1980s to 2010.


The relationship between Lambert and a women named Jacqui led to the birth of a child and was settled in a separate case last year for more than £400,000.

See on Scoop.itXpose Corrupt Courts

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Social workers ‘attempted a cover up’ to keep five children in foster care

A judge has taken the extraordinary step of naming social workers who took part in an attempted “cover up” to keep five children from living with their parents. One social worker’s report was rewritten by a colleague and a manager to present the parents in a poorer light, Judge Mark Horton found. He also accused social workers of lying under oath. In an scathing ruling, the judge condemned the conduct of social workers at Hampshire County Council involved in the case, which related to five Portsmouth siblings aged between three and 16 in foster care.

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He said: “It is exceptional to find a case in which there has been deliberate and calculated alteration of a report prepared by one social worker in order to make that assessment seem less favourable, by another social worker and the team manager; the withholding of the original report when it was ordered to be disclosed and the parties to the alterations lying on oath one of them twice, in order to try to cover up the existence of the original report.”

See on Scoop.itPublic Law Children Act Adoption Cases

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Taiwan – Children And Young people

Taiwan – Children And Young people


Currently, Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and some other minor islands effectively make up the jurisdiction of the state with the official name of Republic of China but widely known as Taiwan.

  • Capital: Taipei
  • Population: 22894384
  • Size: 35980.0 Km

Poverty of children and older adults: Taiwan’s case in an international perspective.

This paper examines poverty risks across countries and age groups with a special focus on Taiwan. Relative to Western countries, Taiwan has:

  • a moderate child poverty rate
  • a much higher elderly poverty rate

This might be explained by differences in social welfare efficiency, market income inequality and household composition. Taiwan notably differs from Western countries by:

  • enjoying full employment
  • a compressed earnings structure
  • a low rate of single-parent headed households
  • a high rate of older adults who live with family members
  • fairly inefficient social welfare
  • much less spending on social welfare

Click here to download paper (PDF)

Source: Taiwanese aborigines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Department of Social Welfare,Taipei City Government

The Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government has one commissioner hired by the mayor to oversee general department affairs and to supervise department staff and two deputy commissioners to assist in department affairs. Continue reading

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Taiwanese aborigines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The indigenous peoples of Taiwan face economic and social barriers, including a high unemployment rate and substandard education. Since the early 1980s, many aboriginal groups have been actively seeking a higher degree of political self-determination and economic development

See on Scoop.itXpose Corrupt Courts

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Child Trafficking  – Northampton Borough Council


Child Trafficking  – Northampton Borough CouncilNorthampton family court section may have closed, yet all the staff are still there shirking in the background.

Source: Child Trafficking Secrets and whatdotheyknow.

Very interesting and insightful information, presented below.

Child Protection or Child Trafficking

From: LS Palmer

18 January 2011

Dear Northampton Borough Council,

The standard letter from the Department of Education states:

“The law is clear: children should live with their parents wherever
possible and, when necessary, families should be given extra
support to help keep them together. In most cases, support from the
local authority enables any concerns to be addressed and children
remain with their families.”

S17 of the Children Act places a duty on Children’s Services to
assist families in need.

Please could you provide a year by year breakdown since 2003 of how
much of your budget has been allocated for assisting families in
need and give general information as to what that budget is spent

Please could you further provide a year by year breakdown of how
much of your budget is allocated to families subject to ‘care

Please confirm you abide by the following laws:

1. All families subject to care proceedings have had the benefit of
a Residential Family Assessment before the child’s permanent
removal in accordance with L (A Child) and H (A Child) [2007] EWCA
Civ 213 which held:

“before removing children from their natural families and placing
them for adoption with strangers the court should be astute to
ensure that the case had been fully investigated and that all the
relevant evidence necessary for the decision was in Place, Art 6 of
the ECHR required it…..There would of course be cases in which a
s38(6) assessment would be a waste of public funds: parents who had
inflicted injuries on their child but had failed to acknowledge
their responsibility or a woman who did not accept that a
paedophile partner was a risk to the child”

2. All parents who are guilty of abusing/neglecting their children
to the extent that nothing short of removal from the parents will
protect the children from SIGNIFICANT HARM have been convicted of a
criminal offence for abuse/neglect and have been referred to the
Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Please provide a positive or negative affirmation in relation to
the following statements:

3. That since removal of children from the parents no child in the
care of the Local Authority has:
a. Suffered sexual abuse
b. Suffered physical abuse.
c. Suffered emotional abuse.
(In this respect data referring to convictions/complaints of
misconduct of social workers/foster carers/care workers and
statistics relating to child suicides/children running away would
provide the relevant assertion as to whether or not children were
suffering ‘in care’)

4. That since removal of the children from the parents no child in
the care of the Local Authority has been used for medical testing
or registered on any program by the NIHR, MRCN or any other medical
research program without the explicit consent from the biological

5. That since removal of the children from the parents the children
have been raised in the same faith they would have been raised in
if they had not been removed from their parents.

6. That no child has been returned to the care of the local
authority post adoption.

7. That no child in the care of the Local Authority has been
criminalised, ie gained a criminal record having not previously had
a criminal record while in the care of their biological parents.

Yours faithfully,

LS Palmer

Northampton Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Child Trafficking Secrets.

Losing A Child By Force.

Sir Martin James Narey Director Details.


Early intervention In The UK


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 

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Former Judge Constance Briscoe

Former Judge Constance Briscoe

Constance Briscoe lied to police and also tampered with court documents to maintain her account of events.

Constance Briscoe is out of jail – with a leg tag. Near her Clapham home. Photo Bradley Page


The recent reports that barrister and part time judge Ms Constance Briscoe, benefited from a prison sentence after she was found guilty of lying to the police; and, through her conduct she was seen to have perverted justice, The news prompts Andrew Yiannides to suggest that “It is high time the media got to grips with the situation and THE REALITIES, as far as justice and the courts system go in the United Kingdom; also WHY the conclusion leading to ‘JUSTICE RAPED’ along with ‘DEMOCRACY RAPED’, as far as ‘the practices go, care of the Media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes (reporters) as USED by the media Barons, goes (

Source: Barrister And Part-Time Judge Constance Briscoe Has Been Found Guilty Of Lying To Police.

The 57-year-old, who was one of the first black women to sit as a judge in the UK. “Miss Constance Briscoe, a recorder and fee-paid tribunal judge of the first-tier health, education and social care chamber, is removed from judicial office without further investigation by the lord chancellor and the lord chief justice following her conviction and sentence for perverting the course of justice.

I did win my first appeal, whilst behind bars on 5th December 2015, I did prepare my own case inside HMP Peterborough, Whilst Constance Briscoe  lost her appeal against a conviction for her role in the Chris Huhne points-swapping scandal. Just goes to show.

On 8th July 2015  Lord Justice Davis, Mr Justice Supperstone and Judge Martyn Zeidman refused Briscoe permission to appeal against her conviction or to produce fresh expert computer forensic evidence. the judges at the Court of Appeal said that no reasonable explanation had been given for the failure to produce such evidence at her trial if it was thought it would assist the defence.

She claimed that this would show there was a possible innocent explanation for differences between two witness statements she had provided and this would cast doubt on the safety of her conviction. By JAMES DUNN FOR MAILONLINE

I do feel for Constance Briscoe. Those who have never been to prison can sit there and chat nonsense. The place is far from pleasant. Whether you are a victim of a miscarriage of justice or you are REALLY guilty, once in prison you are all one. When I did win my first appeal, I was really cheesed off that I had to go back in the prison van. I was placed on watched. However the following day, my victory spread around the prison like wild fire.  Constance Briscoe losing her appeal, all hope gone and no star treatment.  Just focus on the fact  one more Judge taken down and let’s work together to expose more.

Early intervention In The UK


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 

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Barrister Of The Decade Courtenay Griffiths QC


Barrister Of The Decade Courtenay Griffiths QC

Griffiths believes the notion of pure law is “complete nonsense”:  “[Judges] are involved in making political decisions in many instances and I think as a lawyer you have to recognise that reality otherwise you are not doing your job.”

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the second youngest child of a carpenter father, Griffiths moved to England with his family in 1961 and was raised in Coventry. Educated at Bablake School, he graduated in 1978 with an LLB (Hons) from the London School of Economics (Wikipedia).

What Justice? – Courtenay Griffiths QC on the International Criminal Court

If you look at the world through Courtenay Griffiths QC’s eyes then, inevitably, you look at the world through the lens of Karl Marx.

“Remember your Marx,” exhorts the Jamaican-born, British-raised Queen’s Counsel several times during a recent interview in Johannesburg. In the interview he sketches out a world where the national interests of traditional powers such as the United States and France conflate with the economic interests of multi-nationals to influence the international criminal justice system. His is a world where the pursuit of oil supplies by first-world economies clouds international political morality and the self-styled global policemen from the North preach democratic virtue but act contra to this virtue in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Nicaragua.

“Always ask yourself, ‘Who stands to benefit?’ every time a decision [by the International Criminal Court (ICC)] is taken to prosecute a particular leader or not prosecute someone else,” he says.

Griffiths is intimate with the ICC: he represented former Liberian president Charles Taylor at his trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague. Taylor recently lost his appeal and looks set to spend the rest of his life in prison. He is also skeptical of the attempt to institute international justice and is extremely critical of the “selectivity” of the ICC in whom it chooses to prosecute. In the main, those prosecuted have been African. “One of my major concerns about the way the ICC is currently focusing on Africa is that in every Western country with a sizeable black population you find that the use of stop and search powers, the rate of arrests and the rate of imprisonment is disproportionately skewed to black people.


Let me introduce, state funded Child Trafficking and those children whose parents are of Moorish background. Those children are always taken to be given to white people, whilst the parents are then sectioned, imprisoned or both to silence them.

Two judges and an ugly libel battle

Remember ‘on the take’ Ms Constance Briscoe?

Who also struggled to achieve success from a poor background. However she chose to ruin the lives of innocent people in her courtroom. Give thanks, she never presided over your family matter.  Anyway According to Ms Briscoe she did once apply to join his chambers. Read the full story here>>

My Take


I chose this particular Barrister to profile, because when I did use the services of Prester Coleman and DFA Law I did instruct both firms to retain the services of Garden Court Chambers I did want Courtenay Griffiths QC. They both refused, breaking out into a sweat each time.  I even telephoned the Chambers,  who in turn did explain the process and informed me the QC is in Haque for a a while working on a case, however they will gladly allocate a barrister to my case.  They were brilliant, not shouting you are talking to fast or loudly (not bullying).  The only requirement was for my solicitor to send them my file (there was the crunch,exposed the corruption). Any High St. Solicitor can use them.  We all all know the rest.

During the same proceedings, police charge me yet again with more false allegations. Beating a witness in my family matter, a Miss Nicola Sharman, in the form of a kick so severe she went flying.  I did use a firm outside the local area to represent me. The solicitor, is the best I have used in the last seven years. Again, I did instruct my criminal solicitor to  engage the service of Garden Court Chambers. Once my case was prepared the solicitor did follow my instructions.

What a fan fair. Prosecution was a young Asian man, who collaborated with my team.  My Barrister did exposed failings in the computerized system used to log calls of incidents or could be corruption, she kept her mind open. By the time the Barrister had put my defense to the Magistrates’, I was acquitted and they said I did not kick Nicola Sharman hard enough. Soon afterwards Northamptonshire police force changed the computer system.

Once a year I read to see what Courtenay Griffiths QC is up to.  The man is a formidable figure.

Early intervention In The UK


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 

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What Is Samantha’s Law?


What Is Samantha’s Law?

Samantha’s Law is a Canadian child protection law.

Thank you ever so much Velvet! Absolutely brilliant.

This video is for educational purposes only. Thank you Velvet Martin for doing the right thing and educating the public.

Please ”LIKE” this page:…

Why “LIKE” this page? To SUPPORT and promote public awareness of the families hurting from the wrongful actions of the Child Protection Agencies. To SUPPORT families. To SUPPORT Velvet Martin and her family.

Source: FOSTER CARE IN CANADA – Samantha’s Law

Early intervention In The UK


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 

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Latvian, Lithuanian And Russian Mothers In The United Kingdom

Latvian, Lithuanian And Russian Mothers In The United Kingdom

What about the children? Is it better for a child to live in hell or to be unloved or unsafe and stay with those that bear similar DNA? Then [sic] to be in an environment where they have safety and love? Is that just their cross to bear to see all these things and grow up to be abusive or incapable of love or responsibility?

Daniel Ibn Zayd

Source: bnn-new

Dutch social workers catch the English disease”, reports the case of the 11-year-old Antonovs twins: a Russian-Latvian brother and sister forcibly snatched by Dutch social workers from their mother and older brother Ilja, primarily on the grounds that at home they spoke Russian, not Dutch.  A chilling video of the twins being carried kicking and screaming to a police van is on YouTube (“Kidnap of children from their mother by Dutch social services”), recording a scene not dissimilar to ones that unfold here in Britain, many times every week (legallykidnapped).

Imagine for a moment that you are outside playing with your children and one of them disturbs one of your neighbours. A shouting match ensued even though you have tried several times to apologize and had your child apologize. Now a couple of days later a CPS worker shows up with a report of “suspected” abuse by an anonymous tip.

They never tell you who made the report. So having nothing to hide, you let them in to see that your children are fine.

You don’t think that the bruise on your sons leg from falling off his bike last week will matter. You don’t think that because the kids have been out back playing in the dirt will matter or that maybe you haven’t started the laundry or washed the days dishes yet, will matter. The worker leaves and says you will hear from them if it is unfounded.

They won’t tell you that your adorable children fit the profile of kids that the perfect foster parents are looking for. So after a couple of days, the worker comes back with the police and takes your children. It happens everyday in this country.

Warning over ‘murky’ government plans for children’s social work practices

On 13 May, the DfE announced it would change the law to allow councils to outsource support and placement services for looked-after children and care leavers to any external organisation, not just the GP-style practices originally imagined.

Government misinterpreting the research

“I don’t feel the evidence was strong enough to warrant a major reorganisation of the way services for looked-after children are delivered. Not all the social work practices were able to deliver high-quality services for children. In some cases the services delivered were not of high-quality.”

The pilots relied too much on council expertise in areas like child protection to really be independent, Stanley notes. “In only one case did a pilot manage the placement budget themselves. It’s very hard to see how the pilots would have functioned without the support and expertise of the local authorities.” Click Here To Read More>>>

Doncaster council to be stripped of Children’s Services 


via Social Work And The Shift From ‘Welfare’ To ‘Justice’ By Lieve Bradt, Maria Bouverne-De Bie :: SSRN.

Family Law Courts –  No one over eleven believes it’s working.

We have had a substantial effect against the system throughout 2011. Never before have the eugenicist within social services and the CPS, felt so exposed. 2016 will be another devastating year for them, as we continue to campaign not for reform, but to create the terms and conditions for a systemic DISMANTLING process to begin.

UK secret family courts and the NOT so expert witnesses

via Expert testimony leading to family breakups.

The Family Procedure Rule Committee makes the following rules in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 75 and 76 of the Courts Act 2003(1),

The Family Justice Modernisation Programme

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