Judicial Retirement Age Could Rise To 75

The Ministry of Justice has begun consulting on proposals that could lead to judges retiring at 75 instead of 70.

Lord chancellor Robert Buckland said the retirement age for most judges was last legislated for 27 years ago. He said the time was now right to consider whether 70 as a mandatory retirement age continued to achieve the objective of balancing the requirement for sufficient judicial expertise to meet the demands of the courts and tribunals, improving diversity and protecting the judiciary’s independence. Read more by clicking here →

We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.

* EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNALS Claimant: Respondent: Miss A McDonnell v St Mungo’s Community Housing Association

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Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there … Continue reading

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Parents Rights Blog is now closed.

I will only be spending time on Parents Rights Blog to clean up images and links. Parents Rights Blog has been a remarkable resource for many parents and professionals. Most importantly, get me alive and focused as I fought the good fight!

The most powerful Sword in the your possession, is your pen.

WordPress is a terrific platform that enabled me to create a Community giving individuals a voice to get their stories told when tabloid press either ignored them or intentionally misinterpret their stories to hide the wrong-doing of Public Servants who are indeed Charity Workers.

Some years ago, the Parents Rights Blog was being named in family court cases outside my own. Court Orders were drawn up by Judges, ordering parents to tell me, take that article down! My response would always be to inform the Judge in their family matter, ‘I lost the password’. Then one day a Judge in my family matter decided to tread where Northampton Police were unsuccessful. He demanded I remove everything about me from the internet, in short, he wanted me to black myself out… further updates to this page.

For now, wishing you a great day and please stay determined to succeed by placing one foot in front of the other, doing the walk!

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Updated On Thursday, 6 October 2022


Who Killed Harry #Dunn?

The parents of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn, who died in a crash in 2019, say they have "resolved" their damages claim filed against Anne Sacoolas, the suspect in their son's death.

7 August 2021

by Ciaran Charles, Organiser

2 years since Harry was last at Portland Bill, we have decorated and hidden lots of pebbles in his memory. As per Tim Dunn’s earlier live, if you manage to find one please post a picture on this page and we will arrange for a Justice4Harry pin badge to be posted out to you.

#justice4harry #harrydunn

Niall’s milestone twenty-first birthday on March 22 will be another painful reminder of his brother’s absence.


HARRY DUNN 22.3.2000 – 27-8-2019. 

Harry leaves behind a devastated mother and father Charlotte and Tim, twin brother Niall, step parents Bruce and Tracey and a large close knit family who are struggling to come to terms with the tragic and abrupt end to Harry’s life. 

Ciaran Charles is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Charlotte Charles.

“Harry Dunn’s alleged killer could have been ‘distracted by her phone, lawyers claim.”

Harry Dunn was a 19-year-old British man who died following a road traffic collision on 27 August 2019. Harry Dunn was riding his motorcycle in Northamptonshire situated in the United Kingdom.

Death of Harry Dunn – Wikipedia.

Many people are saying publicly in various ways that Harry Dunn was murdered and the murderer is just left to get away with the murder of Harry Dunn and are fighting in court to bring the killer of Harry Dunn to justice.

Is that true?

From Northampton Chronicle and Echo a Timeline of US diplomat scandal: How events have unfolded since tragic death of Northamptonshire‘s Harry Dunn
The diplomatic scandal surrounding the death of Northamptonshire‘s Harry Dunn has moved quickly in the past few days – but the story has been moving behind the scenes since August.

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Miracle Covid-19 Vaccine creator fined over £3.5billion for Medical and Safety Offences – How can we trust them? – The Daily Expose.

Legal Definition Of Murder: An Overview Homicide The Legal Process ‘Act of God’.

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Forced out by extreme poverty, lured by the possibility of economic advancement for themselves and their families.

Biden says he will give amnesty and the vote to 11 million illegal immigrants – but the true number of ‘undocumented immigrants’ in the United States is closer to 30 million and that number will mean the Woke Democrats win every election from hereon. David Icke says people like Soros have funded mass immigration into America and Europe on an industrial scale to change the demographic for as long list of reasons that suit the Cult. But he’s only done it because he cares.

David Icke – News

The philanthropist is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist, and author. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.

Little Lost Children – Corporate Cannibal

Politicians of left and right.

domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small. It can be used literally (an observed series of actual collisions) or metaphorically (causal linkages within systems such as global finance or politics).

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When someone starts a claim in the English courts for, say, a debt owed, and the defendant does not put in a defence, the claimant can simply ask the court to enter judgment for the sum claimed, and can bring enforcement proceedings based upon that judgment. In this procedure, the court is acting administratively, and typically no judge will be involved in the process. All very simple then. via Know The Real Court Process: Learn The Rules Of Your Local Court

Building on the success of the 2019 edition, for which content was rewritten and restructured, and layout and navigation improved, further changes were made to the that edition based on in-depth feedback from subscribers. 

The 2021 edition of Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence & Practice, the leading criminal court book for the Crown Court, will publish in October in print and eBook formats. Building on the success of last year’s edition, further chapters have been revised and restructured for the 2021 edition and new expert authors recruited to join the team.

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PUBLIC Health England has urged people to check on the elderly and vulnerable.

(Article 8 ECHR) Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the…
— Read on towardchange.wordpress.com/about/parents-have-rights/family-group-article-8-echr/

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Joshua Rozenberg speaks to the head of the Family Court Sir Nicholas Wall.
— Read on www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vcpbp

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Xu Zhiyong: There is joy everywhere



via Xu Zhiyong.

As his trial began in January 2014, Mr. Xu and his lawyers held no hope for a fair outcome. The judge had even refused to let their witnesses testify. So they decided to use silence as a means of protest until Mr. Xu tried to deliver a combative closing statement that was later widely circulated on Chinese social media.

Still, Mr. Xu was ever the optimist.

There is joy everywhere. My last days at the detention center were leisurely. There was a fundamental improvement in my shuangsheng ability (a variation of poker). I could now remember cards.

Here are excerpts from his essay, titled “Four Years Afar” and originally published in Chinese on Mr. Xu’s blog. .nytimes.com 2018/09/18

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Oxford Child Sex Abuse Suspect Loses Five-Year Battle For Anonymity | Child Protection | The Guardian

Updated on Tuesday 13 July 2021

Two pairs of brothers from Oxford who were among seven men who abused girls as part of a sadistic sex grooming ring have been jailed for life.

Video: Oxford grooming sex case: Brothers jailed for life

The girls were mostly chosen because their unsettled or troubled lives made them easier to manipulate.

Supreme court rules Tariq Khuja, who was arrested but not charged, cannot rely on human rights laws to keep identity secret
— Read on amp.theguardian.com/society/2017/jul/19/oxford-child-sex-abuse-suspect-loses-five-year-battle-for-anonymity

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Changing a social worker’s statement without her knowledge – E (A Child : Care proceedings : Costs) [2017] | The Transparency Project
— Read on www.transparencyproject.org.uk/changing-a-social-workers-statement-without-her-knowledge-e-a-child-care-proceedings-costs-2017/

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Norton Rose Fulbright says lawyers can WFH half the time after Covid – Legal Cheek
— Read on www.legalcheek.com/2020/12/norton-rose-fulbright-says-lawyers-can-wfh-half-the-time-after-covid/amp/

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