Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong Back in Court Days After Being Jailed


Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong Back in Court Days After Being Jailed — “Hong Kong people are standing with political prisoners”

Source: Hong Kong Democracy Leader Joshua Wong Back in Court Days After Being Jailed — “Hong Kong people are standing with political prisoners”

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What Is The Role Of A Public Officer | United Kingdom

What Is The Role Of A Public Officer | United Kingdom


Duty Of The Courts | Constitutional Rights Of The Citizen


UNITED KINGDOM: The Attorney General is chief legal adviser to the Crown and has a number of independent public interest functions, as well as overseeing the Law Officers‘ …

Centralized Government

The U.S. Supreme Court stated that “when a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal Constitution, he comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct.

Source: Duty Of The Courts To Be Watchful For The Constitutional Rights Of The Citizen.

Fraud in its elementary common law sense of deceit… includes the deliberate concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public,… and if he deliberately conceals material information from them he is guilty of fraud. “The law requires proof of jurisdiction to appear on the record of the administrative agency and all administrative proceedings.” Hagans v Lavine 415 U. S. 533.

483 U.S. 350 (107 S.Ct. 2875, 97 L.Ed.2d 292)

Charles J. McNALLY, Petitioner, v. UNITED STATES. James E. GRAY, Petitioner, v. UNITED STATES.

Nos. 86-234, 86-286.

Argued: April 22, 1987.

Decided: June 24, 1987.



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Woman DEAD from Abortion at Late-Term Facility Currently Under Criminal Investigation

Woman DEAD from Abortion at Late-Term Facility Currently Under Criminal Investigation

Keisha Maria Atkins



Source: Northern Ireland abortion laws breach human rights legislation, court rules

Keisha Maria Atkins, 23, died on February 4, 2017 — four days into a late-term abortion process at Southwestern Women’s Options abortion facility in Albuquerque, NM.

Operation Rescue is assisting Abortion Free New Mexico with an investigation of this tragedy.

Report by Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue

Albuquerque, NM – A woman has died as the result of a late-term abortion process initiated at Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO), in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is the largest abortion facility in the U.S. that openly specializes in abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy.  Continue reading →



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Man Who Shot Ohio Judge Was Father of Steubenville Football Player Convicted of Rape

Man Who Shot Ohio Judge Was Father of Steubenville Football Player Convicted of Rape


Judge Shot Ohio
Evidence markers are placed on N. Court Street and the sidewalk next to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Steubenville , Ohio, Monday Aug. 21, 2017, after Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. was ambushed and shot early Monday morning.  Darrell Sapp—AP

(STEUBENVILLE, Ohio) — The man who shot and wounded a judge outside a county courthouse before being gunned down by a probation officer was the father of a Steubenville High School football player who was convicted of rape in 2013, authorities said Monday.

Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. was shot at around 8 a.m. near the courthouse in Steubenville, just across the Ohio River from West Virginia’s northern panhandle, roughly 30 miles (48 kilometers) west of Pittsburgh.

Authorities identified the gunman as Nathaniel “Nate” Richmond, the father of Ma’Lik Richmond. Ma’Lik served about 10 months in a juvenile lockup after being convicted with another Steubenville High School football player of raping a 16-year-old girl during an alcohol-fueled party in 2012.

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Parents Rights Blog And Child Protection Agencies


Child Protection Agencies

To SUPPORT and promote public awareness of the families hurting from the wrongful actions of the Child Protection Agencies.

Source: What Samantha’s Law Is About: Public Awareness.

Challenge archaic laws inhibiting the rights of persons with disability and their families.

Focused on five main objectives:
• Improving the health of infants up to the age of 3 and of children in need of specialised medical care
• Protecting migrant children
• Preventing child exploitation
• Promoting restorative justice for children in trouble with the law.

Samantha’s Law is an amendment to legislation which requires that participants in the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program are recognized legally distinct from children in protective services under the intervention model. Government funding for services must be made available to families directly replacing requirement of guardianship relinquishment and out-of-home placement to achieve necessary medical supports.

Unfortunately, to be effective in advocating for transparency and accountability in child-welfare services, money is needed.


Foster Care Council of Canada.

The Foster Care Care Council of Canada strives to inform Canadians of important child welfare related issues and to involve them in the process of advocating for changes by:

  • launching public awareness campaigns
  • conducting research and reporting our findings to our members, government officials, professionals, and the public
  • providing peer support and resources to our members
  • endorsing, intervening in, or initiating legal action where it is deemed necessary, appropriate, and possible to do in the public interest.
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Hong Kong |  Judiciary | People’s Republic of China



Hong Kong |  Judiciary | People’s Republic of China


The Judiciary maintains an independent and effective judicial system which upholds the rule of law, safeguards the rights and freedoms of the individual, and commands confidence within and outside Hong Kong.

Source: Hong Kong Judiciary


All Images sourced from:

People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong, is officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, and is an autonomous territory of China on the Pearl River Delta.

When a court in Hong Kong makes a custody order, it also directs that the child or children cannot be removed from Hong Kong without leave of the court. There is therefore a positive requirement to make an application to the court for leave to permanently remove a child or children from the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

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Mark Geoffrey Kirshner


Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

February | 2016 | Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

Suppossed to be, Donald Trump’s father.

Source: World Healing, #WorldPoetryDay

This is Donald Trump’s father. Trump had a brother named Fred, but he wasn’t born until more than a decade later. The Fred Trump at Devonshire Road was the …

Images may be subject to copyright.

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A Recap: Lord Neuberger’s summary: Judgment is About The Lawful Process to Authorise #Brexit

This gallery contains 7 photos.

  A Recap: Lord Neuberger’s summary: Judgment is bout The Lawful Process to Authorise #Brexit When did Britain decide to join the European Union? Lord Neuberger‘s summary: judgment is not about whether Brexit should happen, but the lawful process to … Continue reading

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Government Has Only The Powers Specifically Granted By Constitutions

Government Has Only The Powers Specifically Granted By Constitutions

Source: Be Your Own Authority.


The Bill of Rights is an Act of the Parliament of England that deals with constitutional matters and sets out certain basic civil rights. Passed on 16 December 1689, it is a restatement in statutory form of the Declaration of Right, 1689 presented by the Convention Parliament to William and Mary in February 1689, inviting them to become joint sovereigns of England.

The Bill of Rights lays down limits on the powers of the monarch and sets out the rights of Parliament, including the requirement for regular parliaments, free elections, and freedom of speech in Parliament. It sets out certain rights of individuals including the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment and reestablished the liberty of Protestants to have arms for their defence within the rule of law.

Government has only the powers specifically granted by constitutions, but we humans have all powers and rights not specifically denied by constitutions.

~ Andrew Horning

Mess we have right now of incompetence and corruption.

VIDEO : Social services and the secret family courts .






Public Law Children Act Adoption.

Be Your Own Authority   Vatican –Prosecution Authority Vatican From the Latin vaticanus, meaning place of the sorcerers. Expose Corrupt Courts Follow @NgoziGodwell. Parental Responsibility.…


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Brexit And The English Parliament 


Brexit And The English Parliament


Source: Brexit , England And The Scottish Parliament .

It should never matter where children live, what language they speak, what their parents do, whether they are boys or girls, what their culture is, whether they have a disability or whether they are rich or poor.

Brexit will lead to UK citizens losing their rights under EU law.

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