Wrongful acts in Social Work Malpractice

Public Law Children Act Case Plan | Parents Rights Blog

“Wrongful acts” in social work malpractice, such as:

  • Treatment without proper consent
  • Incorrect treatment /improper diagnosis
  • Failure to consult with or refer a client to a specialist
  • Failure to prevent a client’s suicide
  • Causing a client’s suicide
  • Failure to protect third parties from harm
  • Inappropriate release/detainment of a client in a hospital, confinement
  • Sexual involvement with clients or other sexual misconduct (subject to reduced limits)
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Defamation
  • False imprisonment
  • Failure to provide adequate care for clients in residential settings
  • Failure to be available when needed
  • Termination of treatment
  • Improper child placement

“Social workers have immense powers and terrible responsibilities.   If they make a wrong decision, the consequences can be catastrophic.   A failure to intervene when a child is being violently abused by its parents can lead to the death of that child, as was shown so tragically in the Baby P case.   But a decision to take children away from parents who are, in fact, loving can have almost equally awful consequences.”

Only 6% of children on care orders return home, 94% in UK do not, one wonders why..

Social Workers


6 Responses to Wrongful acts in Social Work Malpractice

  1. Lisa says:

    I bet it is the same in America
    please contact me if I can help in any way I would love to get my story out there

  2. towardchange says:

    ‎”Just because a child is in CPS custody does not mean they are protected.” – Jim Black

  3. Liz says:

    Hi there My son has been badly treated in the care system, He has been sexually abused by another boy who was 4 years older than him.His mouthed was covered by the boys hand, so he couldn’t scream out. but why was this foster carer not watching the boys in the first place She was downstairs with her son watching T.V I personally think she should face charges. She has neglected my son, And Ealing local authority should have told us that this boy came from an abused home. They hid everything. they even lied about my son wanting to go to crown court. The told us no he said they wouldnt let him go. Its obvious why, so they didnt get hung for their failings.Who cares about my children they certainly dont. they have both been running away to get home. All the local authority, has done is move them far away and get a section 34 on us. to stop all contact so the local authority dont cop it. the children speak the truth. They dont like it. they twist it back on us what the kids say, they decide to blame the family because the children were speaking the truth of what was going on with them. they dont like it because we got the truth out of them. I t kind of hangs Ealing out to dry.And when they came to get my daughter from her gps, the local authority had their bully escorts 3 disgusting women that didnt give a shit how they put my daughter in their car. They threatened to grab her by the legs and arms. its in humane. its physically abusing and emotionally abusing. where does the word care relate to that. it is bang out of order.They should not get away with this behavior whatsoever. enough is enough.It needs to be exposed what these local authorities are doing to the children behind closed doors.They have ruined my son. they have ruined my daughter. Emotional harm is what they are keeping from us they have done the emotional harm.not us.Its a disgrace. and the European convention is not been looked at here at all.when the press get to hear and TV they will not be able to hide themselves then.There should be compensation for my kids im speaking millions not thousands.There should be criminal charges against this local authority. and many others like this aswell.The kids are gagged the truth doesn’t come out.This has got to stop full stop!

  4. Paula Hughes says:


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