Royal Court of Justice
His Honour Judge Waine – Midlands

”It is clear that this child, now 11, loves her mother very much. From all I have read, the mother clearly loves the daughter…”    

Neutral Citation Number: [2010] EWCA Civ 156

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
IN THE MATTER OF G (a Child)   

Date: Tuesday, 19th January 2010 


16 Responses to IN THE MATTER OF G (a Child)

  1. towardchange says:

    “It’s the jurisdiction to be blamed .. creates freaks who are judges!” – Nik Masters
    2008 – 2010

  2. towardchange says:

    “All the Judges had sight of this letter and read the letter. District Judge Venables of is one of the first Judges to ever read this letter, from a then 10 year old child”

    This lovely well adjust happy child was kidnapped by Nortamptonshire local authority, just after her 10th birthday.

    • k says:

      my daughter too was kidnapped sep 2011,she was also age 11, and she wrote a letter also to the judge,asking if she could please go home for xmas,the female judge refused to hear the case ,but put another judge in her place,and the letter was ignored.then later,i tried to use it in evidence.,giving a copy to the judge and 1 to the solicitor for s services,guardian etc but it was ignored again.ive still got it,. its 7 months later and shes in a childrens home.,”case “is ongoing.please tell me what happehed to your daughter? it broke my heart to see her letter ,when is somebody going to do something to actually stop this?i will go mad if i dont get my daughter home very worried what can i do if experts are going to lie?what can i do then?

      • towardchange says:

        No, you will not go mad, because you will not allow this happen. What you will do is not copy them and ignore the law, you will read up the law. Make applications to the Court and one day you will use the documentation to get to the International Courts.
        In the meantime you need to start suing them for damages.

        Minor G is not home yet, she is now a vunerable child! Abused and medicated ..
        Thanks to His Honour Judge Waine, all done intentionally.

        Thank you for commenting visiting Parents Rights Blog!

  3. towardchange says:

    Here is another story. Social services are getting out of contro???
    No evidence of wrong doing by two loving parents.

    “I want to come home mummy: Aged five, ‘Jenny’ was torn from her parents by social workers after an RSPCA raid. Now a court says she must be adopted…We reveal disturbing questions about the fate of this bewildered child who faces fears of abandonment for years to come but who just wants to come home to mummy and daddy”

    Certainly, the recordings stored on a computer at the family’s home on the South Coast seem to contradict the damaging claims by social services that the girl, whom we shall call Jenny – the girl’s real identity has been suppressed by the courts – did not wish to By Paul Bracchi and Dennis Rice
    Last updated at 10:57 PM on 10th July 2009

    Read more:

    But, like other families who have been through a similar experience, once they were in the ‘system’ they found it impossible to get out. Who are to blame the Judges or the social worker?

    Why do they refuse to let children go?
    Is it to hide the abuse the children have suffered whilst in care of the state?

    Once a child is taken into care the child is deemed at risk. This is why no matter if the parent/s is poor or rich they are automatically entitled to legal aid!

    • k says:

      they do it to make money and keep the courts busy ,and themselves in a cushy job!its outrageous,they refuse to let the children go home,because thats like admitting they m,ay have made a mistake,taking the child in the first place,and they will never ever do that,they must win every single court case,and stop at nothing to make sure they do,they have no compassion or like of children in any way whatsoever,they are cold hearted and cruel ,so too is every person who works in the family court,not the public counters,the actual court,they are all in it together.its just a job to them

  4. towardchange says:

    “African children can suffer additional risk because of many cultural and traditional practices which are harmful. Example of such cultural practices include Female Genital Mutilation, using children as Domestic Servants, Widowhood and Inheritance rites, Child Marriages, reliance on extreme forms of Physical Punishments as ways of disciplining children as well as the belief in and practice witchcraft and the accompanying branding of children as witches or as possessed by evil spirits”.
    Source: Northamptonshire Local Authority, 5 October 2009 [9.15] So let us abuse the child now who cares, the child is African.

    It does not matter what race you are, if the local authority does not like you fear for your children. For example if you telephone 60 times in four years begging the police for help, due to youths and yobs attacking your home and family way of life and you do do not die in the process, the Police will accuse you of harassing them and remove your child/ren. This is a fact!

    They may even join in with the youths and yobs. This is a fact!

  5. towardchange says:

    On CAFCASS – “They will be known as Guardians who sacrificed vulnerable children to state sanctioned child abductions and abuse and the deliberate destruction of Families.” – Yvonne Stewart-Taylor

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  8. Raphael Solimini says:

    I conceive this internet site contains some rattling great information for everyone. “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” by Diogenes.

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  12. Khalilah Clardy says:

    I am a victim of this. They still have my children. What do i need to do? I desperately want my children. I have proof that they sabotaged my case

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