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Child protection scrutiny boosted

Via – Public Law Children Act Cases From May all inspections of child protection services will be unannounced and last two weeks.Via

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Thomas Jefferson

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. – Thomas Jefferson  

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Constitutional Reform Act 2005

Via – Public Law Children Act CasesAn Act to make provision for modifying the office of Lord Chancellor, and to make provision relating to the functions of that office; to establish a Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and … Continue reading

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Help with Social Services and Children in Care Proceedings

Via – EugenicsPRO SE LITIGATION – Ngozi Godwell

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Slain child’s father deported back to Oz –

Via – Parental Responsibility The father of a 10-year-old Australian girl slain by her step-mother has been deported from the United States back to Australia, his attorney said.Via

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Legal Aid Society

Via – Parental Responsibility The oldest and largest provider of legal services in the United States to its community was founded in 1876.Via

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Child Support Agency charge backed

Via – Parental Responsibility Via

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Family Law Week: Fostering services in need of radical reform, says Policy Exchange

Via – Public Law Children Act CasesThere are some children who should be with their loving parents and not be in foster care!Via

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Parental Responsibility

Via – Parental Responsibility“Parental Responsibility affords the legal right to take decisions about such things as your children’s education, medical matters and religion.”   For those of us who have Court Orders relating to Family Law know that, in … Continue reading

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Northampton social worker denies raping boy in his care – Crime …

Via – Northamptonshire County Council (UK) A SOCIAL worker has told a jury there is no truth in allegations he raped and sexually assaulted a child in his care.Via

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