True Story | Northamptonshire Police Commander Adrian Otis Goldsmith


True Story | Northamptonshire Police Commander Adrian Otis Goldsmith

Murder: An Overview


Murder occurs when one human being unlawfully kills another human being. SeeHomicide. The precise legal definition of murder varies by jurisdiction. Most states distinguish between different degrees of murder. Some other states base their murder laws on the Model Penal Code.

is when one human being causes the death of another.


Policeman Adrian Otis Goldsmith ‘beat wife to death’ with weapons. A can of paint, a battery and a mallet were all used in the attack, the court heard.  Mr Lloyd Jones said: “He bizarrely claimed she then picked up a mallet and hit herself on the back of the head with it. He said she then banged her own head hard off a nearby wall.”

Cop beat wife to death after she went off sex, court hears

Otis does not look like this anymore.


Tuesday 15th September 20015 at 14.00hrs I did attend in the Northampton Crown Court the hearing of Adrian Otis Goldsmith, Case No. A24140079. Adrian appeared by video link and the trial date was set.

Apart from I and another journalist there was no other sitting in the public area of the Courtroom. Judge Mayo did preside of the hearing which was conducted over video link via Peterborough Prison.

Judge Rupert Mayo did ask Adrian Otis Goldsmith can he see every person in the courtroom?
Otis did reply, yes! Unnessary for me to wave and say here I am..


Making A Murderer: It is in everyone’s interest that the process be fair and for verdicts to be reliable.

“If I understand correctly, then officers from this force were involved in the removal of your daughter into protected care. Northamptonshire Police will refute any allegation of collusion and that the issues surrounding your daughter have gone through the due legal process.”

Source: Det Constable 505 Adrian Otis Goldsmith Command Support Team Officer Murders His Wife

Soon as they took my child this is what they did do, throw my child in a bed full of bed-bugs and say there you go.


True Story 

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