King Henry of England




Author Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo designed the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.

King Henry of England was a Blackamoor, Black or melanin man. His bloodline is the lineage of the tribe of Judah.  Yes ALL 12 tribes of Israel are Blackamoor, Black, Naga or melanin people. The Vatican had its’ traitors inside of King Henry’s court who ultimately betrayed him and infiltrated the throne. 

The Vatican sent their agents, the Freemasons to the Americas as well.
1774 Colonel Henderson and others wrote the Mecklenburg Declaration in North Carolina for the Americas. This Declaration is the original Declaration of Rights. The so called founding fathers took the 1774 Mecklenburg Declaration of Rights and created the 1776 Declaration of Independence. As noted in previous post, these declarations were used to provide rules on how the tenants the founding fathers and everyone not of Moorish decent, were to operate on the land.

William M Williams is a signer of the Declaration of Independence (1776).


William became an ardent supporter of the proposition for Independence, and gave his support financially through his own purse as well as through many effective writings. Williams presented the claims of the colonists in the press, and helped compose many of the Revolutionary state papers of the Royal Governor Jonathon Trumbull.

During the 1760s William served on committees that considered the Stamp Act, the Connecticut claims to the Susquehanna lands, the case of the Mohegan Indians, and settlement of the boundary disputes between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

William also served as a Colonel in the Connecticut Militia (1773-75), but he was also the son-in-law of the Royal Governor! Governor Trumbull was the only royal governor to support the revolution.



Under the 501c4 system all debts and illegal de facto Corporations masked as Governments have been foreclosed on. That means the current 501c3 which is Vatican controlled has been foreclosed on as well. (That’s really what the Pope is saying when he continuously speaks on the Jubilee. He is talking in code). Any business, corporation, non-profit or Nation wanting to do commerce must sign up under the new 501c4 Trust. The new BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and AIIB (Asian International Investment Banking) systems fully support the Trust.  Many of the political figures have signed up for the 501c4 or Melchizedek Trust as they stay silent and not notify the people.


What does the 501c3 and 501c4 mean spiritually. These Trusts are used to regulate and control commerce but they are also spiritual contracts. The 501c3 was implemented and controlled by the Vatican. All Corporations and Non-Profits rolled up to the 501c3 Trust and are therefore tied to the Vatican and inherently tied to a spiritual contract.

The 501c4 is the Melchizedek Trust. It is the new trust that redeems all who are a part of it. This trust breaks the spell of the Vatican and seals the righteous. This is not about religion or doctrine it is about fulfilling a prophesy that promised to free us all from the bondage of slavery. (Physical & Spiritual)

The Science or Code Meaning:

The 501C3 to most means Non-Profit organization or Tax exempt status. What they are not telling you is this is being used as a deception for The Vatican to get all Corporations (including sovereign divine souls) of this planet to pay them. Their currency cast spells of taking away your individual ‘current’ and returning it to them. Hence CURRENT that they SEE or CURRENT that is out to SEA. In addition all Corporations on this planet rolls up to the 501C3 or hence the Vatican.

Here is the Real meaning of 501C3:
5= People or Man in metaphysical terms
01= YHWH or Binary Code or Source Code
C= Covenant or Third Letter of the Alphabet or Man, Woman andChild
3= Holy Trinity or Man, Woman, Child or Mind, Body, Spirit

The Vatican has taken the Holy Trinity and change it to serve them: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. In essence leaving out the people and serving them. This is why from a spiritual sense the Vatican is corrupt and hence why the World’s monetary system is flawed and trapped all into slavery. This system has been shut down or foreclosed on. (Refer to my previous post for details). Now all people and Nations can participate in the 501C4 Trust.

Here is the meaning of the 501C4 Trust:
5= People or Man in metaphysical terms
01= YHWH / Binary Code or The Source
C= Covenant or Third Letter of the Alphabet or Man, Woman, Child
4= Double Covenant or Strong Foundation or House based on Peace, Love, Truth, Freedom & Justice.

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