Video: Pryor Greed and Lawyers

Video: Pryor Greed and Lawyers

via Know Nothing About Legal Aid And Want QUALITY Info? You Should Read This..Part One. Most people had been through the formal complaint routes, as I did, and got nowhere.

Nigeria: Lawyers Advised To Desist From Corrupt Attitude To Clients

Sourced from: 2018/04/06 Mr Adewusi Isaac, a human rights activist, has advised legal practitioners to help re-invent the country by desisting from corrupt attitudes towards their clients. He said the ways these corrupt attitudes usually manifested included the manner in which some lawyers extorted their clients, even to the point of bankruptcy. Isaac gave this advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja. According to the activist, some lawyers make life difficult for their clients by making them to believe that getting a lawyer is all about money. “With time, the morale of the person looking for justice will become low and he begins to doubt the system and the lawyer he enlisted as his attorney,’’ he said. According to him, to move the country forward, the attitude of extortion of clients and their families by some lawyers has to come to an end . “You did not become a lawyer to intimidate people with money when they seek a counsel, you became a lawyer in order to help the helpless to seek redress. “Law practice is not all about self empowerment or greed but your first responsibility is to uphold the tenets of law as ministers in the temple of justice,’’ Issac said. He also said some lawyers encourage their clients to go to court, when a trivial matter could easily be settled out of court for their own selfish interest. He said “this is borne out of greed,’’ and urged lawyers to eschew such traits so as to restore peoples’ confidence in the Nigerian judiciary system. The activist also charged lawyers not to go to court to defend “somebody, who confessed to them that he had stolen money by crook’’. He said that this attitude will only encourage “thieves to thrive in our society’’.

A  Sun investigation into a rogue squad of police officers who used the authority of the badge to commit crimes—and how they got away with it for so long.

Q. How did the court deal with the fact that the defendant in this case was unknown?

A.  A jurisdiction for suing ‘persons unknown’ is expressly contained within CPR 55.3(4) in relation to claims against trespassers. The common law has developed to allow proceedings to be constituted in such a way in harassment and privacy/confidentiality cases. Warby J noted that the legitimacy of suing ‘Persons Unknown’ had been recognised for over a decade, provided that the unknown persons could be identified by a description which had sufficient certainty. This was achieved in the instant case by the claimant by suing ‘Persons Unknown responsible for the operation and publication of the website []’. A final order could be obtained against such a defendant, as had occurred in Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd v Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty & Ors[2014] EWHC 3429 (QB).

The Gagging Of Solicitors From Hell

Solicitors from Hell’ is no more.

After a long and acrimonious battle, both in and out of court, the High Court has ordered the publisher of the ‘Solicitors from Hell’ website, Rick Kordowski, to remove entirely the site from the Internet.
The gagging of Solicitors From Hell by the UK Court shows a failure to understand how the Internet works. By gagging in this way served only to create more attention and resulted in SFH getting more site duplicating the same issues outside the UK jurisdiction.
The society advises consumers who have complaints about their solicitors to contact the Legal Ombudsman. Never waste your time with them.

Platforms need to be made to take responsibility for ensuring lawfulness when collecting 3rd party information. 

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