Judge Andrew Chubb

Zen Zen :-
Judge Andrew Chubb 
was my greatest teacher on Karma.


London – The mystery surrounding the death of a judge killed in a fire in his garden shed may never be solved after a second inquest failed to find an answer.


Andrew Chubb, 58, died in an explosion and fire at his Somerset farmhouse in 2001, just hours after he had asked his wife of 34 years for a divorce. He had been having an affair.


After two inquests and a lengthy criminal inquiry, police said the case was closed.

Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

"We feel that the tragic death of Judge Chubb has been examined on a number of occasions and that a line must now be drawn," Avon and Somerset Police said. "There are no plans to examine this case again in the future."


At the end of the second inquest on Friday, Coroner Sheriff Payne said the "means and cause of death remain unascertained", media reports said.


There was insufficient evidence to prove whether the death was an accident or suicide. However, the coroner was satisfied no third party was involved, the BBC said.


The first inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death in December 2001 after hearing that a spark from a lawnmower may have ignited petrol fumes in the outhouse. 



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